Current Slot Nigeria Price List For Phones 2019

Check out the price list we have made available on this page. But note that the possibility of those prices changing is inevitable. But the purpose of this information is to give you an insight into the amount you budget.

This article is going to give you the most recently updated Slot mobile phones price list for the Current Month. so check it out below The price list of Slot Nigeria mobile phone consists of phones by top brands like Tecno, Infinix, Innjoo, Lenovo, Smashing, Gionee, Smashing HTC, Apple, and LG.

Current Slot Nigeria Price List For Phones 2018

Price List Of Apple iPhone In Slot Nigeria

  • Apple iPhone X {256 GB} : N545,000
  • Apple iPhone X {64 GB} : N450,000
  • Apple iPad Pro (512GB): N480,000
  • Apple iPad Pro {256GB}: N410,000
  • Apple iPhone 8 {256 GB} : N345,000
  • Apple iPhone 8 {64 GB} : N320,000
  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus {256 GB} : N365,000
  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus {64 GB} : N325,000
  • Apple iPhone 7 {256 GB} : N310,000
  • Apple iPhone 7 Red {128 GB} : N275,000 special price
  • Apple iPhone 7 {128 GB} : N260,000 special price
  • Apple iPhone 7 {32 GB} : N225,000
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus Red {128 GB} : N320,000
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus {128 GB} : N300,000
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus {32 GB} : N270,000
  • Apple iPhone 7 {256 GB} Rose Gold / Silver : N340,000
  • Apple iPhone 7 {32 GB} Gold / Black : N270,000
  • Apple iPhone 6S {32 GB}: N170,000
  • Apple iPhone 6 {32 GB}: N130,000

Price List Of Samsung Phones In Slot Nigeria

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8: N307,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Black/Gold: N270,000 – 272,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S8: N240,000 – 242,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: N238,000 – N240,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S7: N170,000
  • Samsung Grand Prime +: N36,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime: N26,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J120: 37,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J200: N43,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) – N41,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 (J500): N45,000 special price
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime: N66,000 Special Price
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro: N107,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime: N86,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo: N68,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S5: N100,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S6: N145,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB: N223,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ 32GB: N210,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 32 GB: N230,000 Special Price
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB Edge {Pink Gold}: N249,000
  • S7 Edge B/W – N247,000 / Gold – N230,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab E: N68,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0: N52,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: N204,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: N223,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A3 ( 2017 ) – N122,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A3 ( 2016 ) – N70,000 Special Price
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 ( 2016 Edition ): N90,000 Special Price
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 ( 2017 Edition ): N127,000 Special Price
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 ( 2016 Edition): N100,000 Special Price
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 ( 2017 Edition): N147,000 Special Price
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.0 With Stylus Pen – N120,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.0 – N108,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus – N42,000

Price List Of Tecno Phones In Slot Nigeria

  • Tecno Phantom 8: 128,000
  • Camon CX Manchester City Limited Edition: N95,000
  • Tecno Phantom 6 Plus: N111,000
  • Tecno Phantom 6: N63,000
  • Tecno Spark K9 PLus: N42,500
  • Tecno Spark K7 Plus: 38,000
  • Tecno Spark K7: 32,500
  • Tecno Boom J5: N22,400
  • Tecno Boom J7: N23,000
  • Tecno Boom J8: N42,500
  • Tecno Y6: N24,000 / Y2: N15,500
  • Tecno C5: N39,000
  • Tecno Camon CX: N54,200 special price
  • Tecno Camon CX Air: N45,000
  • Tecno Camon C7: N35,500
  • Tecno Camon C8: N39,500
  • Tecno Camon C9: N40,000
  • Tecno Phantom 5: N70,000
  • Tecno WinPad 2 10.1: N108,000 special price
  • Tecno 7C Pro: N33,000
  • DroidPad 10 Pro II: N95,000
  • DroidPad 7D: N29,500
  • Tecno PhonePad 7E: N42,000
  • Tecno PhonePad 3: N55,500
  • Tecno L8 Lite: N29,000
  • Tecno L8: N45,000
  • Tecno L8 Plus: N51,000
  • Tecno L9: N36,000
  • Tecno L9 Plus: N48,500
  • Tecno W1: N16,200
  • Tecno W2: N18,500
  • Tecno W3: N24,000
  • Tecno W3 LTE: N27,500
  • Tecno W4: N34,000
  • Tecno W5 Lite: N32,500
  • Tecno Wx3 / WX3 LTE / Wx3 Pro : N23,500 / N28,000 / N26,200
  • Tecno Y2: N14,900

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Price List Of Infinix Phones In Slot Nigeria

  • Infinix Zero 5 (64GB,6GB): N102,000
  • Infinix Note 4 Pro With X-Pen: N77,000
  • Infinix Note 4 Pro: N67,000
  • Infinix Note 4 X572 {32GB/3GB}: N59,000
  • Infinix Note 4 X572 {16GB/2GB}: N53,000
  • Infinix X5010: N28,600
  • Infinix Zero 2: N42,000
  • Infinix Note 2 (1GB RAM) : N39,500
  • Infinix Note 2 (2GB RAM) : N45,000
  • Infinix Note 3 X601 16GB + 2 : N50,500 / LTE: N52,000
  • Infinix Note 3 pro N70,500
  • Infinix Zero 3: N59,000
  • Infinix Zero 4: N61,500
  • Infinix Zero 4 Plus 4GB: 32GB – N87,500 / 64GB – N95,000
  • Infinix Hot S: N45,000
  • Infinix S2 Pro: N49,000
  • Infinix Hot 5: N37,500
  • Infinix Hot 5 Lite: N32,000
  • Infinix Hot 4 Lite 16GB/1GB (X557): N33,500
  • Infinix Hot 4 16GB/2GB (X557) : N38,500
  • Infinix Hot 4 16GB/2GB (X556) PRO : N40,500
  • Infinix Smart: N28,400
  • Infinix Hot Note X551: N28,000

Nokia Phones Price At Slot

  • Nokia 8 Price In slot : N183,000
  • Nokia 6: N83,000
  • Nokia 5: N63,000
  • Nokia 3: N43,000
  • Nokia 2: N32,000
  • Nokia 3310: 18,500
  • Nokia 105 Single / 105 Dual / 130 / 150 / 216 / 230:N6,000 /  N7,000 / N 8,500 / N12,000 / N14,000 / 20,000

Price List Of HTC Phones In

  • HTC Desire G+: N67,000
  • HTC U Ultra: N260,000

Price List Of LG Phones In

  • LG G4 H540: N/A
  • LG G5 H860 Dual: N/A
  • LG K350Z (K8): N/A

Pano Mobile

  • Pano Boom P1: N23,500
  • Pano P401: N3,200
  • Pano P501: N5,100
  • Pano p601: N5,200

Price List Of Partner Mobile Phones In Slot Nigeria 

  • Partner PS1: N33,000
  • Partner PS2: N75,000
  • Partner E15: N18,500
  • Partner KS1: N11,000
  • Partner E15+ : N22,500

Price List of Fero Mobile Phones in

  • Fero Royale Y1: N35,000
  • Fero Royale A1: N35,500
  • Fero Royale J1: N29,000
  • Fero Royale X1: N35,500
  • Fero Iris: N40,500
  • Fero Pad 8: N46,000
  • Fero Pad 7: N26,500
  • Fero A5002: N23,000
  • Fero A4501: N16,200
  • Fero A4501: N23,000
  • Fero A4001: N13,800
  • Fero Mega: N38,000
  • Fero Zoom LTE: N25,500
  • Fero Power 2: N24,000
  • Fero Pace: N28,000
  • Fero L100: N24,500
  • Fero 180 / F1801 / F1802 / F1803 / F2401 : N3,200 / N3,200 / N3,400 / N5,300 / N5,500
  • K9 / K2801 : N8,000 / N6,100
  • M2402: N4,800

INNJOO Phones Prices On

  • Innjoo Halo 3: N40,000
  • Innjoo X3: N17,500

ZTE Phones Price at Slot

  • ZTE A452 + cover: N34,500
  • ZTE Blade V7 Max: N58,000
  • ZTE Blade S7: N45,000
  • ZTE Blade L110 (P731A50) / L5 (P172A40) / A910: N12,500 / N23,200 / N43,000
  • ZTE Tablet E7L: N33,000

NOTE: Current Slot Nigeria Price List For Phones 2019 can still change at any time, but you can get the latest price update on the official e-store

And if there are phones you like to know the price which we didn’t list on this page, then use the comment box below, tell us the phone and we update you on the current prices and features.

Please get through to us with the comment box and. Thanks


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  3. no infinix of at list 25000?


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