SLOT Phone Swap 2015 Promo

SLOT Phone Swap 2015 Promo – Update

The SLOT Phone Swap 2015 Promo is one great promotion that is organized by Slot Nigeria for people to come with their old phones, pay a little difference and collect a phone of their choice, So many people are praying for this promo not to have an end.

When the Managing Director of Slot , Mr. Nnamdi Ezeigbo, who disclosed this to Technology Journalists in Lagos about the promotion, he did not announce or state the expiring date for the SLOT Phone Swap 2015 promo.

So I think, if you still have interest of changing your phone to a new one then you just have to still follow the steps below:

How to Swap your Phone in Slot

Here are the simple steps to take before handing in your new phone.

1. Know Your Trade-In Value – Find out your estimated trade-in value by visiting any participating SLOT Store .For example, you can get up to N50,000 for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Customers who Trade-In any working iPhone 5s will receive guaranteed minimum Trade-In value of N65,000 and customers trading in any working Blackberry Passport can receive Trade-In value of up to N75,000.

2. Back Up Your Data – You may already have your phone set up to automatically sync to an online service like iCloud or your Google account. You can never be too careful with data and it’s a good idea to make a manual backup of the data on your phone as well. You can create a backup using the tools provided by your phone’s manufacturer, such as Apple’s iTunes, Samsung’s Kies, or the Windows Phone Desktop App.

3. Perform a Factory Reset – The reset will wipe the phone, deleting your personal data and any apps you’ve installed. It will also reset the phone back to its default state. Each operating system handles this a little differently.

  • Android – Before resetting your phone, it’s a good idea to encrypt your data if you haven’t already. To do this, go to “Settings,” select “Security,” then “Encrypt phone.” Once the process is complete, go back to “Settings”, select “Backup & Reset,” then “Factory data reset.”
  • iPhone – For iOS devices, go to “Settings,” select “General,” then “Reset.” From there, select “Erase All Content and Settings.”
  • Windows Phone – Go to the App list and select “Settings.” Next, you will select “About,” then “Reset your phone.” You’ll then select “Yes” in answer to the warnings about data loss (you did back your data up, right?). This will reset your phone to the settings it had when it came from the factory.

4. Change Account Passwords – For extra protection, change important passwords (e.g., your Apple or Google account) that you may have saved to your smartphone. The factory reset of the phone should remove any saved passwords along with your data, but we recommend clients take this extra precaution. You may also want to ensure that your phone is removed from any services, like Find My iPhone via, or as part of the two-factor authorization in your Google Account if you set it up.

5. Trade-In Your Old Phone : Pass over your phone to a Matrix Agent usually in Orange and Black uniform. You may be asked to complete a simple form, which simply captures the information that best describes your phones condition. Provide your identity card, receipt of purchase or any form of proof of ownership.

6. Run a Check on just to be sure your phone is registered on the database protect from theft

6. Get a Voucher based on the value of your item. This voucher is redeemable only in a slot store

7. Redeem your Voucher . You can now add more to the value of your voucher depending on cost of phone you want to purchase and take home a brand new phone.



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