Top 5 Small Business Ideas For People Who Hate Selling

When most people hear of the word business, what occurs to them is “buying and selling”. trust me, this scares the hell out from many persons. There are people who dread the word “Sell”. They can do lots of things you ask them to do. But once it comes to “SELL”, they so dread it like a leprosy. This need not to be so. In this work, I will be showing you 5 major small business ideas if you don’t like selling. Read on.

It is true that some persons can sell and love selling. They love meeting people and selling even the crappiest of stuffs. If you are such person, this isn’t for you. Go tend your ministry..heheheh. So, for you who dread the idea of selling, yes, you can be in business without having to do the traditional selling, the way it is. Let’s look at these small business ideas you need.

What Does SELL Mean?

Selling is first and foremost a transaction between the seller and the prospective buyer or buyers where money (or something considered to have monetary value) is exchanged for goods or services. In simple term, to sell means to have a product or service offered to a customer/client/market in exchange for (mostly) money. So, no matter how you look at it, everyone sells.

But, if your idea of selling involves one where you have to kind of sell PHYSICAL GOODS rather than services, then this work is for you. Read on.

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Top 5 Small Business Ideas

Let’s be plain here, no matter what you do, you must “sell”.

1. Event Planning

To consider going into this service business, you need to have a passion for planning and organization to succeed. Lots of events are held on almost daily basis and most people have no single idea how they can plan these events. When you offer your services and expertise, they would be willing to part with some cool money.

You could be either a corporate or a social event planner. Corporate event planners organize meetings, workshops, annual general meetings, luncheons and other corporate events for companies, while social event planners organize weddings, birthdays, bridal showers and other social events for their clients. Social event planners get more jobs regularly, while corporate event planners usually don’t have as much events to plan but may earn a lot more than social event planners. So you need to consider this difference before taking a plunge.

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2. Freelance Writing

You can become a freelance writer. Freelance writing is one of the most lucrative and easy to start businesses. One huge advantage is that all you need is your mobile phone and internet connection. You will be paid by individuals and organizations to write blogs posts, magazine articles, business plans, ebooks, and so on. And you’ll be well-paid for doing that.

The opportunities in this area are countless and limitless. There are many wonderful sites for freelance writers here. So, you can look into this.

3. Blogging

So, you don’t want to sell? Good news! You can blog. Bloggers are making huge money. But note this, it takes time and dedication to build up your blog. But, that notwithstanding, you can always venture into this.

If there’s a topic you love or something you would like to talk about and share with the world, you can easily turn that into a money-spinning business just by creating a blog and having people advertise their products or services once the blog starts generating huge traffic.

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4. Babysitting

This is also known as child minding. A large percentage of parents are of the working class, which means they have to be at work every day and usually need someone to mind their kids until they are back home. This is where babysitters come in; they help parents take care of their kids until the parents are back home. There are also adult caregivers who specialize in caring for senior citizens who are too weak to take care of themselves.

5. Business coaching

Yet another business that doesn’t require selling is business coaching services. Many people want to start their own businesses but are completely at loss on how to go about it. Such people need guidance and direction from an expert who would hold their hands and guide them through the process—and, of course, get paid for the services they render. If you have the passion, knowledge, and experience required to become a business coach, why not go for it?

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We have given you the list of major Small Business Ideas you can start without having to sell. If you wish to go into any of these, you can do some little research on how to go about them and get started.

Got questions? Ask below.

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