11 Killer Social Media Content Ideas To Boost Your Engagement

Social Media Content Ideas – If you always get stranded and confused on what to post on your social media account, I guarantee you won’t ever have to face that again. NEVER! I’ve seen this happen time and time again. People complain they are lacking content ideas to share on their pages. But, why should that happen in the first place? It shouldn’t happen at all.

There are many things you can post on your social media profile. As a matter of fact, there are over 100 content ideas you can actually post on your social media page. With a little guidance, you will start publishing content with frequency.

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In fact, I assure you that after reading this, if you want to be posting 3 times daily, you won’t ever be lacking in ideas. You will be equipped with all you need to know. Does this sound like what you’d want? Then read on!

Social Media Content Ideas

These social media content ideas you are about to see here could serve as Twitter content ideas, Facebook content ideas and even Instagram content ideas. So, here we go.

1. Product Picture

This is the most common of all posts ideas. You share pictures of your products on your page.


Quotes are powerful content ideas. People respond to quotes in a big way. It could be an inspirational, motivation or success quotes. You can also post quotes that are related to your field. Eg, “blogging quotes”.

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3. Behind The Scenes

If you have a product you sell that involves people working behind the scene, you can share videos and pictures of that. For instance, a restaurant can share videos or images of when they are preparing their meals. A business organisation can share some videos or posts of their business meetings. Do you get the idea?

4. Data Or Statistics

You can get some vital data about anything related to your niche and industry. Ensure that the statistics or data figure is confirmed. Don’t just post anything you feel like posting. eg, Do you know that 80% of Facebook users do this or that?

5. Questions

Question is a great way of driving engagement on your social media pages. people have opinions, and asking the questions bring them out. Just ensure it is something your audience will appreciate. eg, Where did you spend your weekend?

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6. Link To Controversial Post

Naturally, people are drawn to controversy. If you really want people to engage with your posts, then consider sharing controversial posts. But, be very careful to know when to draw the line. Don’t post things that oppose the value you maintain on your page. For instance, a blogger can find an article on “all men cheat” and share.

7. Customer Reviews

If you have people who have bought or are using your products, sharing them with their permission is a great idea. For instance, an event decorator sharing videos or images of their events and reviews from clients.

8. Favourite Books

You can also share some of your favourite books. Sometimes, if you are currently reading a book, you could share this to inspire and motivate your followers to read.

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9. Tools

Are there some tools you use to make work easier for you and you think your audience will need it? Share and post about it. I’ve seen people share tools that help them save more time and money.

10. Diary

Sometimes, you can decide to share posts or content on how your day went. Did you have a very terrible day? Or maybe something wonderful happened to you? Share them. Show your followers that you are human after all.

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11. Fun Posts

Life is not all about being so serious and tight up. You should loosen up most times and get some comedy skits and share for your followers to enjoy. This will help them to connect more with you.

So, here you have the 11 power and killer social media content ideas you can use to drive engagement on your page. These social media post examples are very effective anytime, any day. Now, start sharing this to your followers. Why wait?

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