How to Get Software for Printing Recharge Card in Nigeria

This “How to Get Software for Printing Recharge Card in Nigeria” can never be an avoidable search in the sense that, for one to start recharge card printing business the software is one of the necessary materials you should have, but you need some thing (list of Dealers) to get the software for printing cards.

We understand that must people go for seminars, tutorials and so on, and you are been given a software, telling you that it works for the business.

I want to ask you a question;

  • If you are a DEALER of recharge card printing in Nigeria, will you give out your software for people to be selling around??
  • Do you want to sell your recharge card Pins or you want to sell the software??
  • How will you give out a software for free even when you know that its the engine room of the business?

I want you to take your time to answer all this questions.

Most people keep on claiming they are dealers but yet they do not do the right thing they needed to do.

The Fact You Should Know About Software for Printing Recharge Card in Nigeria

  1. You need a Software for Printing Recharge Card before you can start this business.
  2. For you to get Software for Printing Recharge Card is never for free. If you are getting it from the right source
  3. The Software for Printing Recharge Card in Nigeria is no longer sold by an individual or group of people. You can only get this from a reliable DEALERS in Nigeria
  4. The software can only be installed and configured by the dealers who owns it.
  5. Software upgrading and always free
  6. You can’t download Recharge card printing software online – its not available online
  7. Delivering of the software is always hand-to-hand – from the dealer(s) to the person who want to start the business.

All this has been so to avoid scammer and fraudsters form duping people.

Moreover, I want you to know that your going to seminar is to gain knowledge NOT to get the materials  you needed to start the printing business. I just need to expose you all to the truth because I believe most of you do not know about this before.

Lets talk about The Dealers:

I know what I mean by saying “NOT all Dealers are dealers”. This is because some are greedy dealers while some are Sub-dealers but claiming to be direct dealers

  • The Greedy Dealers – This once are dealers, YES, but why are they refereed to as “the greedy dealers”?

This is because they do not sell the commended prize which they were suppose to sell. For example price of 100 recharge card pin for Glo, Airtle, Etisalat is usually  range form N89 – N92. MTN is always the costly pin which also range form N90 – N94. But this dealers will come and sell form N94 – N97.  Now how much is left for you or the sub-dealers to gain.

This is why some people who are into the business get tired of the business. Not connected with the right dealers


  • Sub-dealers but claiming to be direct dealers – Will I say this is part of business opportunity because even you can do thesame here. I will tell you why.  Because this Sub-dealers  already have the software which has been given to them by their Dealers and has been properly configured with their business, so that when even they print, there (the sub-dealer’s) business name appear in it. For example; in your location you do see some names like; Chichi Telicom, Frank GSM tech, etc.. You also have the same opportunity to do the same when you start. This is one of the reason people don’t know who are the really dealers.

Well to me what the Sub-dealers but claiming to be direct dealers does is called business. because the Dealers made it that way, so that the sub-dealers can promote their business. And when you buy form them you might end up gaining N2 – N3, per 100 pin which is very poor.

That is why We deliver this reliable dealers to you – if you are ready to start the business.

Why you should go with us:

  • Our list of Dealers has office branches around the country
  • They offer cheap prizes
  • They provide you their software
  • They respect their customers
  • They upgrade also as technology grows
  • Always willing to hear for you
  • One software print wall networks. All you have to do is select the network you want to print. The Dealer will teach you better on how to use the software

How You can Get Software for Printing Recharge Card and Dealers list

Remember like I have said before, Only the Dealers will provide you with the Software for Printing Recharge Card. SO to get the list of those reliable Dealers in Nigeria, You will have to make deposit of N5,000 into the account listed below; You can also pay via Internet banking process.

GTBankBank Name: GTBank Plc
Account No: 0149651074

FIRST BANKBank Name: First Bank Plc
Account No: 3066151282

Send your Full Name, Email Address, Teller Number, State, Amount paid and Bank Name to 08032934651. The list of Dealers will be sent to your email address which you earlier sent to us after payment.

What You should do next after getting the Dealers list:

  • Check your Email
  • Read it and check their prize list, phone numbers and office address (which will be included)
  • Call each of them and ask them reasonable questions that will be for your own benefit.
  • Choose any one you like
  • go to their office  – You will be asked to create one business name so that it can be configured with the software, as you print, you see your business name. It cost nothing to have one business name
  • They will give you the software and teach you how to use it well.
  • Now you are good to go

Please Note: Make sure you go along with your Computer as you visit their office. Also note that it cost nothing to have one business name.




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