Solution for Damaged PVC – What to do it PVC is lost or damaged

Solution for Damaged PVC – Below are principles guiding the PVC Card useage in Nigeria.

1. WHAT can a person do if his/her voter’s card is lost or damaged?

You apply in person to the Electoral Officer of your LGA/Area Council for a replacement of the lost/damaged voter’s card. This must be done not later than thirty 30 days before the election. You will be required to pay a processing fee.

2. Can a person have more than one voter card?

Ans. No. You can only have one valid voter card at a time. During transfer or replacement of damaged voter’s card, the old one will be retrieved from you before a new one is issued. A voter whose card is lost or damaged will be issued a voter’s card with DUPLICATE written on it.

3. Under what conditions can a voter’s registration be transferred from one point to another?

Ans. Relocation to another constituency. Where the voter now resides in another constituency/unit and has applied for transfer on time i.e. more than thirty (30) days to the election.

4. Is it possible to transfer a voter’s registration from one state to another or one area within a state to another?

Yes, through the following steps:

  1. Apply to INEC more than 30 days before election.

Application for transfer – How to Apply for transfer of voter’s registration from one state to another :

Write an application for transfer to the Resident Electoral Commissioner through the Electoral Officer of your LGA/Area Council (your present location where you want to be transferred to). Your original voter’s card must be attached to the application if it is Inter-State Transfer; or Go to the online address below for a guide on transfer of registered voters:;or Call 07098117563, 07098110916.

5. How long does it take for the Commission to process application for transfer?

It will take a maximum of seven (7) days. The Electoral Officer will get in touch with the applicant when the process is completed for collection of his/her voter’s card

6. After a person’s registration has been transferred, can he/she still vote in his/her former Polling Unit?

No. After the transfer, the name will be deleted from the list of the former constituency. You can only vote in your new constituency.

7. If an applicant who registered in Lagos wants to be involved in electing the governor in his/her home state, can he/she use his/her voter’s card for that purpose?

No. Unless he/she transfers his/her registration details to his/her state and is issued another voter’s card to that effect. Voters are only permitted by law to vote at polling units where they were registered and their names displayed.

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