How to solve issue “jamb registration number does not exist”

We understand that one of the trending issue concerning JAMB is usually “jamb registration number does not exist“. And it happens mostly to new NYSC recruit/mobilize during their NYSC mobilization registration.

This problem also happens to newly admitted student in any Nigeria institutions.

Like they say “right information is the key to quick success”

Most people are already frustrated, thinking that there is nothing to do any more.

Here I bring you the information you need to solve issue of “jamb registration number does not exist”

How to solve issue “jamb registration number does not exist”

Whether your problem is jamb registration number does not exist, Wrong department offered, etc. Please always remember that the body that offers and approve admission in Nigeria is JAMB.

So when you get any related issue like that you are not expected to go to your school because they will not be able to do anything. The highest they can do for you is giving you a written note. During your NYSC mobilization registration will you still send or scan written note to NYSC??

All you have to do is;

  1. Take you admission letter given to you by JAMB and your institution
  2. Go to any JAMB office around you.
  3. On getting there, explain to them what you have encountered
  4. Instantly they will solve the issue and ask you to come back to office for your new print out.

As simple as that.

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Good Luck!

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