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How To Speed Up A Slow MAC In 5 Ways

Like Windows also, MACs can be pretty slow. And when that happens, it is really annoying. No one wants to operate a slow device. More annoying could be the fact the MAC’s slowness could be caused by situations preventable. So, if your MAC is running slowly, what about i show you some basic steps on how to speed up a slow MAC? There are many methods you can use to do this, but, we shall only point out 5 methods for you. Hope you find them useful.

Sometimes, what most people do is to install some programs that would seek to optimize the MAC. They do this to make the MAC faster. Now, nothing is wrong with this. However, it doesn’t really bring a major change and solution. These 5 ways on how to speed up a slow MAC will be more helpful to you. Let’s flow then.

How To Speed Up A Slow MAC

Here are some of the methods you can use to make a slow MAC to run faster. Happy reading.

1. Close Some Programs

Usually, there could be some applications that usually run in the background of your MAC. These background apps usually slow down the MAC speed. Most times, even clicking the red “X” button on an application window won’t close it. It’ll remain running in the background. In most cases, this isn’t a big problem. However, if your Mac appears to be running slowly, you may want to close some of these applications. To do this, look for the applications marked with a dot on your dock, right-click or Ctrl-click their icons, and select “Quit.”How To Speed Up A Slow MAC

2. Clean Up Launch Agents

MAC has many hidden features. One of these include the fact of the hidden features in CleanMyMac 3 is that it can clean up Launch Agents, which are tiny helper applications that run secretly in the background and start other software automatically without you knowing. If you constantly have tons of stuff running that you don’t remember starting, you might have a Launch Agent problem. So, all you need to do is to download and run CleanMyMac 3. Then head into Extensions -> Launch agents to clean up the junk.How To Speed Up A Slow MAC

3. Speed Up Finder

When you open the Finder window to view your files, it opens to an “All My Files” view by default. If you have a very large number of files on your Mac, this view might be slow to load, slowing FInder down every time you open a new Finder window. You can prevent this from happening by clicking the “Finder” menu and selecting “Preferences” in Finder. Select your preferred folder under “New Finder Windows Show” — for example, you can have all Finder windows automatically open to your Downloads folder. Finder won’t load the All My Files view anymore.

4. Free Up Disk Space

As on any computer, freeing up disk space can also speed things up if you have a very small amount of disk space. To check, click the Apple menu, select “About This Mac,” and look under the “Storage” heading. If there isn’t a decent chunk of free space, you’ll want to free up space on your Mac’s internal storage.

5. Reinstall MAC OS X

This could be the last option. So, when all else fails, try reinstalling your operating system. This is a good tip for every device. Assuming you have backups of your important stuff, you can reinstall Mac OS X on your Mac. This is much simpler than reinstalling Windows — you don’t have to download any installation media. You can just boot into a special recovery mode, start the installation, and your Mac will download everything it needs from Apple. But you will definitely want backups of your important files before you begin!How To Speed Up A Slow MAC


Now you have the 5 methods on how to speed up a slow MAC. You can use any or a combination of these methods to get your MAC operating at a faster speed. Have fun.


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