How To Split Windows 10 Screen Into Different Parts

Are you tired of having to shuttle from one screen to the other while working with your Windows 10 PC? If yes, then this guide on how to split windows 10 screen into different parts is for you. We will be showing you the different ways you can split your windows 10 screen into 2-4 different screens.

Having multiple displays is great for multitasking, enabling you to write documents on one screen, chat with associates on another, and sneak in a little gaming on a third. But what if you can’t afford more than one monitor? We show you how to split your screen in Windows 10. Are you set? read on then!

How To Split Windows 10 Screen

The first thing to do is to ensure that your SNAP ASSIST is on before you can proceed. Here is how to ensure that.

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Verify Windows 10 Snap Assist

  1. Go to the Settings option.
  2. Then, click/tap on System.
  3. Navigate to Multitasking listed on the left-hand menu.
  4. You will see  screen like this below. Leave it like that. If not, then toggle them to the right.Split Windows 10 screen

As shown above, you will see four settings associated with snapping: Automatically arrange windows, automatically resize windows, resize adjacent snapped windows, and show what you can snap next to the current window. Toggle these settings on an off as needed.

That is settled, let’s get on then.

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Split Your Windows 10 Screen

Below are the different ways to split your screen.

  1. Drag the first window you want to snap over to the right or left. You’ll know you’re about to snap by the visual tap icon next to the target screen’s edge along with a shadowed line drawn down the middle (shown above). Let go of the mouse button.
  2. Alternatively, press the Windows key and the left or right arrow key to snap the last selected window to one side of the screen.
  3.  If you have other windows or applications open, when you snap your chosen window, you’ll be presented with a number of options for what to fill the other half of the screen with. Click on one, and it will automatically snap into place opposite the other window.
  4. Once you’ve placed your windows, you can easily resize them by dragging the divider. There’s a limit to how thin a window can be, though, to help you avoid creating windows that are so small that they’re useless.

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Splitting More Than Two Windows

To split more than two windows, here is what to do.

  1. Drag and drop your first window into the corner you want to snap it to. Alternatively, press the Windows key and left or right arrow, followed by the up or down arrow.
  2. Do the same with a second window on the same side and you will have two snapped into place. Corner Snap is then activated, and much like when snapping just one window, you’ll be given the option to fill the empty space with a third.
  3. To bring the fourth window into play, drag the third window into the corner and then select another application from Snap Assist to complete your four-window setup.


The steps above are the two major ways you can use to split your windows 10 screen easily, so you can navigate from one to the other. If you still have any question to ask, we are willing to answer them. Use the comment box below and we shall attend to them immediately.

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