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Spotify Web Player Log In | Sign In Online www.Spotify.com Account

Spotify Web Player Log In  – Spotify is a world digital music service offering all users the access to millions of songs from all artist that matters to them (users). As they say that “Music is life” – and Spotify provides music, Spotify is music. You can play and discover and share for free.

Through the www.Spotify.com web page or App, you have access to a real-time moment to stream all kinds of songs and videos. As well get the latest music released right on your dashboard. Creating the account has always been free. We are not talking about the Spotify account registration on this page. But you can click here to see how to create your account for free.


Spotify Login Online

Spotify login account is easy as ABC… There are two option to login your account anytime with on devices.  You can login Spotify with Facebook account OR choice to login Spotify using an email address.

Login Spotify with Facebook.com:

This is fastest ways used to login your Spotify account anytime you want it. However, your Facebook account information will be used for Spotify profile account as well.

Soptify login facebook

  1. The Spotify Facebook account login is simply to visit the official website www.spotify.com.
  2. Then click on the “Log In”.
  3. You should see the button “LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK“.
  4. A redirection to Facebook page to log in your Facebook account (or create a new facebook account)
  5. After you have logged into your FB account, a prompt or notification asking for your permission/approval to allow www.Spotify.com connect with your Facebook information.
  6. Select Yes, or Allow, as the case may be. Make sure accepting the connection to enable your login to Spotify.com complete successfully.
  7. At this point, you are redirected back to Spotify page. You can start checking out songs of your favourite artist and streaming them on the go.


Spotify Web Player Log In WIth E-Mail Address:

Using this way to login allows your using same email address and password used for the registration to log in to Spotify account.

Soptify login email

You still see same login form on the same page https://accounts.spotify.com/en/login?

  1. First, you have the option to either use your email address or username to login. So enter any of the information you want to use (email or username).
  2. Then enter your password.
  3. Click on LOG IN. At this point, you should be seeing your account.


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Login With Spotify App

Using Spotify App to login on mobile devices is amazing and fastest because once downloaded and logged into your account, you won’t be asked to enter password or user ID each time you are performing the same task (to login Spotify page).

The first step to do is to download the latest app

» Download Spotify player on Android

» Download Spotify App on iPhone

Please note that by clicking those links provided there will be a redirect from our page to iTunes Store or Google Play Store to enable you to complete the download and installation.


Download Spotify App for PC Free

You can also download an app for your PC to enable you login Spotify Web Player. The link below leads you to download the PC app.

» Click here to download Spotify PC App.
» On clicking, the link above, Spotify Setup files box pops up, click on “Save File”. It’s important to know where you are saving the file.
» After saving/Downloading the file, locate it in your computer and click. It takes few minutes to complete the download.
» Follow other processes to complete the installation.
» Now You should see the Login button to click on. You should as well either use your Facebook or email address to Log In (same process mentioned above). As well save your password for the computer to remember your login information, including the password.


I hope this page delivers every information you needed to know about the Spotify Web Player Log In?

Use the comment box below in case you have any question or best idea to contribute. Also share this page.



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