SSN Naija Tv Reality Show 2019

SSN Naija Tv Reality Show 2019 Registration Form & Guidelines

Have you heard of the latest reality TV show in Nigeria? Ladies & Gentlemen, i bring to you the SSN Naija TV reality show 2019. But you read on anything, i want you to realise that you will receive EVERY information you need to know here. I know you may not have even heard of the SSN reality TV show. I understand. You may not even know how to obtain the form, I know. Just keep reading and everything will be made clear.

What is SSN Naija TV Reality TV show 2019?

The SSN Naija Tv Reality Show 2019 stands for STRONGEST STATE IN NIGERIA (SSN). This is a reality TV show organised to strengthen the unity of Nigeria. It is meant to build unity and create empowering relationships from participants from the entire Nigerian states. This TV show also has lots of benefits for the winners.

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How Does SSN Reality TV Show Work?

Each state will produce 2 contestants, a male and female, aged 18 and above, strong, bold and passionate of their state, culture and history to represent the state in the reality show. They will converge in a camp for a two months adventure quest to find the missing trophy of unity, the symbol of what unites Nigeria which has been declared missing and they will be faced with several tasks and missions. The state that finds the trophy will emerge the winner and declared the strongest state in Nigeria.

How To Register SSN Naija Tv Reality Show 2019

To participate in this Strongest State in Nigeria reality TV show, you need to follow this guideline listed here.

  1. Visit the SSN naija TV reality show registration portal (
  2. You are expected to fill the registration form with the required details.
  3. You will visit any branch of Diamond Bank Plc any where in Nigeria and pay the sum of N3,000 to register manually.

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SSN Reality Show Audition Dates & Venues

All applicants are advised to listen to TV and radio announcements for your audition venue and dates. Note: you are allowed to register anywhere but during auditions, contestants must travel to their state of origin with their payment teller and be auditioned.

SSN Account Details

  1. Bank Name: Diamond Bank
  2. Account Name: Mega Solo Movie Academy (SSN)
  3. Account Number: 0067014524

Prizes To Be Won

The winner of the SSN Naija Tv Reality Show 2019 goes home with six feet gold trophy of Unity and a cash prize of N10 Million Naira and a car. The runner up goes home with a cash reward of N5 Million Naira and a car. All contestants goes home with a cash prize.

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All interested person who wishes to apply for the SSN Naija TV Reality show must meet up with the following requirements

  1. You must be 18 years+
  2. Secondly, you must have a valid means of identification that shows State of origin, age and other vital information.
  3. Minimum educational requirement is O’Level.

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Benefits of Winning SSN (for states)

Any State that is been declared winner of the project SSN will enjoy the following benefits in the country.

  1. They will hold the title as the strongest and most influential state in the country. This title will be attached to their state name as to be addressed by the nation.
  2. The state will be respected, honoured and celebrated by other states as the champion.
  3. SSN will produce a historic documentary of the winner state to promote their culture, traditions, natural resources, tourism etc. This will be sold to the nation at large and globally.
  4. SSN will promote the tourism board of the winner state by rebranding and reawakening of the States tourist centers whether active or inactive, via the means of a documentary video clips in display of the state tourism sites to attract local and international tourists. And to urge the Federal government to rehabilitate such tourist centers in the winner state.
  5. The brief victory video clips produced to mark the victory of the winner state as the strongest in the nation will be aired in the 36 States plus the FCT as this will sponteneously increase the famousity of the winner state to the entire Nation. In all national TV and social media platform.
  6. A giant billboard signifying the name, map and logo of the winner state state with the trophy of unity, contestants from the state with the state governor will be erected in and exist points in the winner state. Welcoming visitors into the state.
  7. SSN will partner with the state ministry of tourism, youths, sports, information and culture to organize a 7 day street to street carnival and trophy parade of the trophy of unity in the winner state as the state will be celebrated across the nation.
  8. T-shirts and other relevant materials will be produced for the winner state for the use of Nigerians nationwide. As to be written “Proudly Team ‘winners state’ Winner of the Strongest State in Nigeria. Season One”.
  9. The winner state will authentically become a cultural and entertainment display center example for movie productions, international and local films and music festivals. Cultural exhibition center, national carnivals etc.
  10. The governor of the winner state will be celebrated alongside the state with the title of the strongest governor in the country with his picture being displayed in the golden trophy of Unity across the 36 States and Federal Capital Territory. The winner state will also be declared as the most peaceful state in the nation.

You have seen that the SSN Naija Tv Reality Show 2019 has benefits for you and your state. Why wait? Go ahead and register now!


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