Start Recharge Card Printing Business, get recharge card printing kits here

Have you been searching for how to start recharge card printing business? Then take your time to follow the guidlines on this site in order to learn how you can start the business with at less N10,000.

As a sub-dealer, recharge card printing business is a way, process of buying recharge card pins form reliable sources (Dealers in Nigeria). This is just a method of purchasing pin at a cheap rate. For example, our dealers deals with all active network providers like MTN, Glo, Airtel, Staccoms, Visafone,  etc.

Don’t be afraid because they sell form N91 – N94 for 100 naira air-time, N190 – N195 for 200 naira  air-time, I want you to understand that you have about N6 – N10 to gain per pin (depending on the network). SO now you can imagine when you distribute 100 naira pins of about N20,000 just to one person which is 200 recharge card pins, then you should be making about N1,400 – N2,000. Then if you can distribute to about 10 persons then you should be gaining N14,000 – N20,000, this is what you should be making on daily bases.

But Note;

  • You have to work hard to gain more customers, the more customers you get, the higher your profit.
  • I also want you to understand that our list Dealers gives discount for any purchase you make with them.

Recharge card printing business is a straight forward, offline and online business. I believe you may not understand what I meant when I say offline and online business. I will give more explanation on that.

Recharge card printing business is an Off-line type of business in the sense that after you have purchase your pins from the Dealer and print it out with your printer and A4 paper, you will then have to distribute the recharge card to your customers (phone call makers, supper market, small and big shops, etc.)

Recharge card business is also regarded as an online type of business because after you have gotten the list of dealers form us, you will then make your contacts either by calling them or visiting their offices, then if you are patronizing  dealer that uses software for printing then you will have to do that with your computer, also if the dealer’s way of operating is by sending the recharge card pin to your email then it means that you have to login online to your email and print them out.

Meanwhile, most of our dealers uses software which you have to install in your computer.

Note that every dealers has its own way of services. Their ways of operation are different, that is the reason why you have to ask questions to know if you can work with them.

If you are interested in starting recharge card printing business, then you have to make payment of N5,000 only (Five thousand Naira Only) which will be listed below;

Bank: First Bank plc
Account NO: 3066151282

Bank: GTBank plc
Account No: 0149651074

Once after payment, text your Full Name, Email address, Bank name payment was made, and Teller Number to 08032934651. Within 1 hour of payment, your recharge card printing kits will be sent to the email you have sent to the above mobile number.

Why do you have to pay?

The purposes of this payment is for you to receive the list of all the dealers (which also include the price list, office address, mobile numbers and website addresses), Software (for generating and printing pins after installing in your computer) and a Userguide.

What will you do next when you receive the recharge card printing kits?

Once you get the recharge card printing kits (list of current dealers, software and user guide), you proceed by making contacts.  once you are satisfy with any of the dealer’s way of operation then you start ordering for the pins.

You can do it. It only takes a courage person to take a step in doing any thing in life.

Also feel free to share this information across to others.

For more information call 08032934651 or email to

Good Luck.


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  1. Cajethan Igboke

    My problem is that i did it with one company but after paying for the list of the dealers, the dealers they gave me was not functioning so am afraid of making that mistake again.
    Help me out if i can get any dealer in Ebonyi or Enugu

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