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We have extensively dealt with how to make money online. Today, we would tell you one of the ways to make money offline. The topic is about how to open a football viewing centre. Many Nigerians have learnt why and how to open a football viewing centre. They have discovered the undeniable potentials and enormous income derivable from having a viewing centre. For every match day, they smile home with some good cash made from people’s passion and love. With little information like this, you too can make your money also.

Basically, Nigerians love football. Greater percentages of men all over the world are football fanatics. And one way of making money is by discovering people’s passion and feeding it, they will pay you for it. Whether it is African Nations’ Cup, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and what have you, people love to watch football in viewing centres. That is why you need to know how to open a football viewing and make your money. We will teach you what and what you need to put in place and how to start, and then you can make your money by just sitting to watch football.

How To Open A Football Viewing Centre

To open a viewing centre, here are what you need to excel and make your cash.

1. Get A Good Location

You viewing centre must be cited within a location. Basically, football fans do not like viewing centres that look like shrines. Get a good store that is accommodating enough. Having a large expanse of land is good advantage. For a start, you could use planks and trampoline depending on the number of viewers you anticipate. However, the viewing centre must be adjustable or open enough to contain viewers. Trampoline serves this purpose because it could be adjusted whenever the need arises.How To Open A Football Viewing Centre

2. Purchase Good Television Sets

After having acquired a good location, the next most important is a television set. The size and quality of the television you purchase will determine whether you can keep your customers or not. While it is advisable to start within your limits, purchasing a poor television set will ensure you never recoup your capital. Also, you need a minimum of two televisions to enable you show different matches at the same time. This helps you have more customers.

3. DSTV Dish And Decoder

This gives you access to live matches all over the world. The DSTV offers you a whole lot of alternatives. There is also the DSTV Dual Decoder that allows you show two different matches using two televisions.How To Open A Football Viewing Centre

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4. Benches

While plastic seats are mostly more preferable, they are expensive and also get easily broken during celebrations. It is advised you start with Benches. They are less expensive, stronger and accommodate more number of persons than the plastic seat. Maybe with time, you can migrate to plastic seats.

5. Generator Set And UPS

Very bluntly, do not dare having a business centre without a generator set!!! The epileptic nature of power supply in Nigeria is enough reason to have your own Gen set. The worst feeling is having the light go off when watching a football match. It is even advisable to use generator while showing live matches. From my experience, customers patronise businesses with constant light supply.

Alternatively, you can purchase a UPS that keeps your television sets and decoders on when the light is taken. This will give you the chance to change over to Generator without having the match interrupted.

Miscellaneous Requirements

There are other items you need on how to open a football viewing centre. You will need cable extensions for connections, bulbs lightening, blackboards/marker boards for match advertisements etc. Note, you should place these boards at strategic places within your shop vicinity. This will help create awareness of your business. You will also need at least, two good standing fans for ventilation. Finally, having a good air freshener isn’t a bad idea. Is it?

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Marketing Your Football Viewing Centre

It is one thing on how to open a football viewing centre; another thing is to create awareness of it. This is done through marketing. We have highlighted the issue of using your matchboards at strategic locations. Furthermore, you can do these ones below:

  1. Give free/discounted matches in the first 1-2 weeks of opening your viewing centre. This will bring customers to you. Who does not like free things? The arrangement, organisation and neatness of your centre will determine if they will remain your customers or not.
  2. Choose A Unique Name For your Centre. Most viewing centres go by stadium names like Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, Emirates, Camp Nou, Santiago Bernabeu etc. This has psychological appeal to customers as they would feel like they are in the stadium itself.
  3. You could also get a refrigerator in case you what to beverages during the matches.

Here we are on How To Open A Football Viewing Centre. We hope this has been helpful to you. We would love to have your comments on this. Also, you remember Sharing is caring. Why not share this?

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