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Startup Nigeria Programme Registration Form – StartUpNigeria.ng Entrepreneur

This shouldn’t be the first time of hearing about StartUp Nigeria. This is a new different gain board. Almost similar to other Innovation programs (such as N-Poper, P-Yes, etc) sponsored by the Federal government.

The Startup Nigeria Program gives business Founders the needed leverage to excel with lay down specially designed curriculum to help the ideas and early-stage entrepreneurs find their footing and grow in Nigeria’s socio-economic terrain.

So this time, this is an innovation program for Business owners; this is why it is quit different from the Npower Nigeria.

What is Startup Nigeria?

This is one question many will be asking before getting into the Startup Nigeria Programme registration form.

Startup Nigeria is a 3-Month Incubation Program designed to support innovative idea/early-stage companies across Nigeria with funding, mentorship, and training.

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About the Startup Nigeria Programme Registration Form

The Startup Nigeria Programme Registration Form is free, and the registration is carried out online through the official website – www.startupnigeria.ng.

You will need to fill up up to 26 information about you in order to complete the Startup Nigeria Programme Registration Form.

So let’s get started…

Requirements to Fill the Online Startup Nigeria Form

Of course, you will always need a valid email account you have access into. Its very simple and free to create one. SO click the button below and create one for yourself right away.

You’ll also be needing your phone number during the registration. The email and phone number will be use to connect you on the application progress.

Then other information about you (Bio-data) and your business information (about your services).

How to Register on Startup Nigeria Programme Portal

  1. Visit the official website, which is no other than www.startupnigeria.ng
  2. Click on “Apply Now”. You can see the button either at the top of the page or within the website.
  3. Read the information before you then click on “Start Your Application” link.
  4. Now you should see the application form on your screen. But this is a different style of application portal; the sense that you have to click on the “Enter key” on your keyboard or click on “OK” on the screen  – for every information which you’ve provided the answer to;

    Let’s take for instance; your name is John Macolie, Now enter your name and then click the “Ok” or tap your enter button on your keyboard before moving to the next question.

    sample of filling form

    This is only a sample, indicating the “OK” button to click on after inputting the required information and before moving to the next question.

    Once you tap or click the OK, it moves you to the next question. SO you keep doing the same until you complete the filling of the Startup Nigeria Programme Registration Form.

    Also, note that; there is information you need to type to enter the required information, while some question requires that you select from the options given.

    On #6 of the question, understand that “State of resident” is different from “State of Origin”. The resident means where you’re currently living. So that you won’t have to start traveling for any training, instead it will be done where you live.

  5. Click the “Submit” once you have gone through the form and you’re happen with every information provided.

    Startup Nigeria Submit form image
  6. Now that you have submitted your application form, a new screen displays letting you know its successfully submitted and they will get in touch to you.

    Submit form image 2

  7. Its time for you to always check on your email and phone SMS for next update from “StartUp Nigeria”.


Breifing on some part of the form

We understand that some part of the registration form on startupnigeria.ng we seems confusing to some people, so we have pointed out those to explain further;

On “What sector is your solution? * ”

What it simply means is that what area do you or your business specialize on. You may be a fashion designer, entertainer, etc.

But in a situation ehere your field or business speciality isn’t lited – you could click on “Others” to type in what you do and what aread your business is all about.

On “Describe the problem you are solving and how you solve it. * ”

Is simply asking that you explain what that business is about and how you use it (your business) to solve problem to the public.

Do don’t hesitate to comment below if you still don’t understand any part of the form. Note that you won’t be able to edit any information once it is submitted.

So take your time and ask questions.


  1. How are your potential customers currently solving this problem today

  2. Notify me through my phone pleased

    • What do you want us to notify you about?

  3. Ok thanks for giving us sample
    I’m Billy Young from Birninkudu

    • You’re most welcome.


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