Steps To Be Fraud Smart | Protect your Online Banking Accounts

Steps To Be Fraud Smart

The Online Fraudsters are increasing on a daily bases and so many measure is been put in place to make sure they are stopped or terminate every of their planes toward get peoples account. That is the why to be “FRAUD SMART” means knowing what to do to Protect your Online Banking Accounts, also you should be able to know the possible ways the Fraudsters uses to getting ride of online accounts (it could be banking account, or social account or web application accounts).

One thing you MUST always live to remember is that your Bank/Financial Institutions will NEVER call or text you and ask for your passcode, password, PIN or PINsentry code of your account.

So the most important thing you need do is follow the instructions on this page on “how to be Fraud Smart“, perhaps, the institutions of your bank also you should not forget.

Steps To Be Fraud Smart | Protect yourself from Fraud

Seems you know that your back will not call you asking your to provide any sensitive information regarding your online banking details, now protecting your Online Banking Accounts becomes your duty.  Below I present to you List of possible ways a Fraudsters get ride of your account and how to Avoid them – which is “how to be fraud smart”.

Email Scam – Block Fraud via Email

  • Never share personal or security information via email, web chat or on a website that’s been sent to you via email. Because your bank management will never email you a link that goes straight to the Online Banking log-in page
  • Act with care when clicking links or downloading attachments from unsolicited emails
  • Check a website is secure before you enter any account or card details. Look for the `https‘ at the start of the web address and the padlock or unbroken key icon next to the address bar
  • Keep your internet security software up to date, and run regular scans and system updates. If you use Mobile Banking or Online Banking, you can download Kaspersky security software for free
  • If you’re sending money using an account number someone has sent you by email, call them to double check it’s correct and hasn’t been intercepted


Text Message Scam – How to Block Message Scam

  • If you get an automated text from a fraud-detection service, use the Bank management will telephone number checker  to check if the number you’ve been asked to call is genuine
    •You should never share personal or security information on a website you’ve been sent by text
    • Your Bank management will never text you asking you to confirm your account or security details
    • Your Bank management will never text you a link that goes straight to the Online Banking log-in page


Phone Calling Scam – How to Identify Fraudulent Phone Calling

Must times you see a call coming through your phone and acting as a representative of an bank or financial institution, asking you to provide your PINs and/or Account number so that they can re-active your account. Please do not waste your time talking with them any longer. If there is an issue associated with your account, PLEASE move straight to your bank, if its online – call the online customer care service for assistance.

  • If you get an automated call from a fraud-detection service, use the customer service of your bank institution to check the number you’ve been asked to call is genuine
  • If you run a business, look out for fraudsters impersonating your customers or suppliers. They may ask you to make a payment or change payment details. If you’re suspicious, call them back on a number you’re sure is genuine (your bank institution number)
  • Never share your PIN, PINsentry codes, passwords or other confidential information with someone who calls you – if someone does ask for this information, end the call straightaway
  • Never enter your PIN into a telephone – it won’t be kept secret from the caller


I believe the information on this page will guide you to become fraud smart, because we as an organization, has never fallen victim of this. So I hope you also can use this measure to protect yourself and your Online account.

You can’t stop banking online or using the mobile banking facilities just because of this issue of unprotected nature of it (which you can manage perfectly well), but you most always know that the benefits of baking online, with mobile banking is grate – making life more easier, read more here about the benefits.


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