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Taxify Registration Page | Download App Taxify | Login Get Promo Code

Going to a place you don’t know before, School, Hotel, Event centre, etc? Or you want to arrive as fast as possible to reach your destination fast? Then Taxify App is here to assist you all the way.  It’s now easier like never before to get to your destination as fast as possible using the Taxify car. To get started you need to download the app, get your account setup, and order for a ride to your destination. This page explains everything you need to do to get started.

We also included a “Taxify Promo Code” to use, for a ride!

“PLease Note That This Page Is Applied To Everyone All Over The World Where Taxify Service Runs”

What is Taxify Promo Code?

Taxify allows you acquire as much as free ride which is why they provided a unique code for every registered member to use. Now guess what?

You can give other and you can also gain more to use, how, right?

Get Free Ride: All you have to do is share your code for others to use and register. For any single person that uses the code, you get N3,000 which is $8.5. But this money will be credited to you once they’ve tried Taxify, then you will have to check your email for your free ride as well.

Give other free Ride: For as long as you have shared your code, therefore whoever that uses the code gets N2,500 ($6.9) for their first free ride. Please note that there is no deduction from your account for this.

Would you want to know why Taxify is fast in delivery? Because their drivers are always at every spot/corner waiting for a signal. That is why no matter where you are in less than 5mims a driver locates you for pick-up.

Benefits of Using Taxify Transport

» Fast Responds.
» Cheap.
» 24/7 service Availability.
» Pay in cash or add your credit card to the app and we’ll automatically charge it when you arrive.
» Taxify Promo Code for your first free ride
» Cars for this services are in order.
» Drivers well screened and trained.
» Registration Free.
» Easy to understand Taxify App Navigation.


Taxify Registration: Step by Step on Taxify Sign up Account

Taxify has a simple registration format, it only needs your Name, email address and phone number to start and finish up with your registration. But first, you have to download an app. So, let’s get started on how to register Taxify account using the mobile app;

  1. From your phone app store download the official app.  Or use any of the links below to download fast.
    Taxify App Download Link:
    download for Android and Tablet here
    download for iPhone and iPad here
    → download for Windows Phones (not yet available)
    → download for BlackBerry (not yet available)
  2. Now you have downloaded and installed the app, tap on the Taxify app to open. The form is to select your country then enter your phone number.
  3. Request for a Verification code which comes in few seconds you provided your Mobile phone number. Please note that you have 1mins to use code sent to you, and after that is expires. Apply for a new code If you are yet to get it and the time expires. You will get a notification on your screen that an SMS has been sent to you.
  4. The page auto-loads immediately you enter the verification code sent to your mobile phone via SMS
  5. The next step is to provide your email address. Click next once you are download with that.
  6. The next after email is to provide your full name. Also, click on the next button.

AT this point Taxify registration is complete and successful.

Right in your dashboard, You get to know (see) your location, that is where you currently stay. Any attempt to book for a ride/pick-up the “Add a credit card” form pops up. Or you can go to the menu bar to enter your credit card.

To Enter your credit card on Taxify App:

  1. Enter the card number
  2. enter the Month and Year
  3. then enter the CVV
  4. You can decide to click on “Scab Card” to check if your card was correct. Or you proceed and click on “CONFIRM” once you are sure.
  5. You should see a notification pop-up your on your phone screen:
    “Card Added
        Your Card has been successfully added”
  6. Now you are set to Pickup your free ride. But you may need the Taxify code for your free ride, right? Then use the steps below.


How to Enter Taxify Promo Code for Free Pickup/Ride

The Taxify Promo code to use for your Free Ride is:


Follow the steps below to enter the code:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your account
  2. Click on your “Profile”Get Promo Code 1
  3. Then click the “Promotions ButtonGet Promo Code 2
  4. Enter the Above promo code (“MNDQ7“) in the box provided

Get Promo Code 3

After you have entered the code and click on “APPLY“, there should be an instant pop-up that your free ride is active.

Now go ahead to book your ride.


Do you Also Want to Always “Get Free Ride?”

Now that you are registered and your account is fully activated you can as well enjoy free rides from Taxify company. How?

Every registered member has a unique code number to share with other who creating the account for the first time.  You can see yours once you;

my promo code

  • login (using the step above)
  • click on your profile (to see account menu)
  • then click on “Free Rides” to see your unique code which you can share with people via Facebook, WhatsApp, email, wechat and all other available means to do that.


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How to Use Taxify Drive App

After following the above guidelines, the next step is to request for a ride. This is how it goes;

  1. Make sure you are logged in
  2. The app shows up your correct location at the moment with an updated GPS Map. Then you should see a button asking you to request for a ride/pick-upApply ride 1
  3. Once you click on that, the next you see is a search bar to type the location of the areas you are going to. If you’re not too sure of your address location, then be slow while typing so that the app can auto-complete your write-ups and as well as give you a list of suggestion relating to the address you entered.
  4. Select from which car model you want. The “Lite” offers cars of 2006 down to 2004 and it’s cheaper, with AC. While the “Taxify” offers cars of 2007 to recent.Apply ride 3Now you can click on the button to “REQUESTION”

    Apply ride 2

    Immediately A driver will be assigned to you, coming to pick you up from your location. The amazing part of it all is that from your Phone you see the driver driving in your direction. And you can call, chat or message the driver, also the driver as same ability to either call chat or message you. From the image above, you see that cancelling your pickup is possible.

  5. Once you are getting to your destination, the app notifies you and a pop-up to rate the driver who picked you up.

And a receipt is also sent to you. Remember telling you that you get a free ride worth once used this promo code; “MNDQ7

Apply ride 4

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