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Telegram Web Login Account – Web.Telegram.org Download on PC

Now you can always get connected whenever you want and you feel when using Telegram this is because there are various means to use Telegram on your desktop computer. This includes logging into your account through the Telegram Web page – “web.telegram.org”, downloading Telegram App for PC and installing the Telegram extension right into your browsers.


This page has covered a comprehensive review of all these methods to get connected into your telegram account on PC. Previously, we have posted a review on how to create and login Telegram messenger with a mobile phone (Android, iOS, Windows) click here to read the full information. Also included official links where you can get the App downloaded on your phone fast.

Telegram Web Login

Login Telegram Account on Desktop Via Web.Telegram.org Page

The telegram has a simple login form you fill with ease.

  1. Login Web Telegram messenger with https://web.telegram.org/#/login
  2. By default, you Country’s location and code should have already been fixed. But if it’s not correct you can as well change it. Then enter your phone number.
  3. The click the “Next” button. You should find it at the top of the form (see image below)Login Telegram PC
  4. Then you should see a pop-up asking whether you phone number you provided is correct. At this point, if you confirm it’s correct then you ahead and click the “OK”. But if not, click the “CANCEL” to take you back to  Telegram login page.Telegram Web Login 2
  5. If you clicked “OK”, then the page will proceed to generate Telegram code which you have 2mins to input, as the code becomes invalid, which you have to request again.Telegram Web Login 3Once you input the code correctly the page will load to the next step you see below (#6). But if that doesn’t happen at your end feel free to click the “Next” button at the top of the login page.
  6. Now the next you do is to provide a password. Enter your password. But you can as well request for a new password if you have forgotten your Telegram password
    Telegram Web Login 4

The next page you should see after is your Telegram Messenger account on Desktop.


Have You Forgotten Your Telegram Login Password?

Getting back your password or creating a new one can be very fast and easy. All you have to do is click on “FORGET PASSWORD?” from the login password page. Then the Telegram will send a verification code to the email address used for the account registration.

Telegram password recovery

Once you have accessed your email and get the code sent to you, a redirection to a new page to create a new Telegram password. And that is all!



Installing Telegram Extension for PC Browser

The PC Telegram brings notifications for new posts, replies and direct messages. It uses Telegram streaming API. Everything appears instantly.

If you are using the following browser;

  • Google Chrome
  • UC browser
  • Yandex browser
  • Opera Mini

Then with a click on the link below will lead you to an official page to install the Telegram messenger extension on your browsers. Click here to install/add telegram extension on any of the browser listed above.

After the page opens, click on “ADD TO CHROME”. Then the next instruction will have to scan and verify that the extension is compatible with the version of the browser you are using. After that, you then see a button to add/install. Follow all other instructions that come after this to complete this process.

NOTE: It doesn’t matter if its UC browser or Chrome as they use the same plugin on the browser (except Mozilla).

If you are using the Mozilla browser that you need a simple link to start adding the extension on the browser. So, click here to add Telegram Messenger Extension for Mozilla Fireforce now.

Click on “ADD TO MOZILLA” after which click on “Install” then you follow other steps to complete the installation of the Telegram Add-on on Mozilla.

Why You Should Use The Telegram Extensions on Your Browsers

  • To easily access Telegram account.
  • To get notified of incoming posts. This also means you will time all-time be notify every time something happens on Telegram within the people in your chat list.
  • A comprehensive Telegram client right in your toolbar.
  • No need to restart.


Download Telegram Desktop Messenger App

Telegram App works on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT, macOS, Linux, and Web application.

You can download the Telegram App for Desktop PC from the official website here: desktop.telegram.org. However, We have made it even easier by providing a direct download link here – irrespective of your Desktop OS:

If the link above is not compatible with your PC then use the Desktop.telegram.org to select or see all other Portable versions for Windows.



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