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Things You Must Do Before You Apply For Google Adsense Approval

Okay, you have created your blog and you want to apply for Google adsense approval. That is wonderful. Everyone wants to make good money using Google adsense. And, you know what? You are not alone. However, i am sure you want your Google adsense application to be approved right? Then, get a seat and relax. I want to show you some things you must do before you apply for Google adsense approval.

To get Google adsense approval is quite easy, IF you do it right and in the right ways. There are certain things you must put in place first. This ensures your application is not turned down. Rather than rushing to do it first, take your time, do what is necessary and then apply. You will be glad you did.

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This is why we want to show you the things you must do before you apply for Google Adsense Approval. You just need to follow this and make sure you apply ALL OF THEM. Are you ready?

Things You Must Do Before You Apply For Google Adsense Approval

Below are some of the actions you must put in place before you apply Google adsense approval.

1. You Must Be 18+

Google adsense policy is only available to those who are 18 and above. So, if you aren’t 18, then you should just forget about it and move on. Without this, every other thing is just not worth it.

2. Get Quality Contents

In Blogging, content is the king. And before Google approves your adsense, you should have some numbers of content on your blog. Some say minimum of 30. While there is no fixed number, you should have good number of contents on your blog.

Furthermore, your contents shouldn’t be “copy and paste” contents. Google has a way of detecting that. Let your contents be uniquely written and solution oriented.

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3. Get Privacy Policy, “Contact Us” & “About Us” Page

Google won’t approve your adsense application if there isn’t a Privacy Policy, Contact Us & About Us Page. If you don’t have these on your blog, just forget it.

4. Comply With Google Policy

You must also ensure your site complies with Google adsense policy. If your site drives traffic through illegal sources, sites with excessive keywords or poorly coded design, your application will be rejected. So, you ensure you read Google’s terms and conditions before you apply. It is to your own benefit.

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5. Make Your Blog SEO friendly

Optimize your unique blog post with Meta Title and Description Tag. The meta tags describe what the content is about to the crawler bots. It is not possible for AdSense editorial board to check every single website that has applied to get AdSsense approval. So, positively they will use their crawler bots. The bots will check for every footprint on your blog.  That’s why you should make sure; you have specified these tags with appropriate information.

6. Don’t Use Any Other Ad service

If you must get your application approved, then, remove every other Ads service you are using. Google Adsense doesn’t stop you from placing other Ads on your blog, But it’s just advisable to remove the ads. You can place them back after getting your Adsense application approved.

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7. How Old Is Your Blog?

Read this directly from Google: “In some locations, we may require your site to have been active for at least six months before it will be considered. We’ve taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers”.

So, here you have it. Things You Must Do Before You Apply For Google Adsense Approval!!! What you do with this now is in your hands. Good luck!


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