First Bank Mobile Banking App

Things To Do With First Bank Mobile Banking App

As the competition for customers intensify amongst the banking sectors, each bank seeks to outwit the other. Accordingly, most banks or rather, virtually all banks now have an App to makes banking services easier and convenient for customers. One of such banks is the First Bank of Nigeria Plc. You may already have gotten the App or you are yet to. In whatever category, we bring to you Things To Do With First Bank Mobile Banking App.

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The First Bank Mobile Banking app can also be called the FirstMobile App. This app performs a whole lot of functions that even the app users are not aware of. Many others who do not use it think it’s only for money transfers and airtime purchase. As a result of the above situation, we bring to you Things To Do With First Bank Mobile Banking App. Read on!

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Things To Do With First Bank Mobile Banking App

  • Pay Bills: There are over 20 Bills you can pay with this app. They include: Cable Tv Bills, VF Global Services, Utility Bills, Tax Payment, Transport and Toll Payments, Shopping Bills, Schools, Religious Institution Bills, Quickteller, Phone Bills, PayChoice, Loan Repayment, Association/Membership Dues etc.
  • Cheque Services: You can also use this app to confirm cheque or to block cheques.
  • Do Money Transfer: These days, visiting the bank to either withdraw or make payment is cumbersome. The queues are so long you may stay upto 2hrs just to make money transfer. Use the the Firstmobile app and transfer to any Nigerian bank of your choice. Note: Every transfer to a non-first bank account, attracts a service fee of #105.
  • Buy Airtime: Buying airtime is very easy with First Bank mobile Banking app. I cannot remember the last time I bought a recharge card. From the comfort of my house, I recharge my phone be it MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL etc.
  • Flight Booking Services: You can also book your flight using the Firstmobile app. You do not have to stress yourself again.
  • Read News Updates: With this app, you can keep abreast of daily happenings around you without fuss.


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Utilise the knowledge of Things To Do With First Bank Mobile Banking App and make life easier for yourself. Technology is making life better. Do not be left behind. To get this app, you can easily walk into any First Bank branch near you and request for it or you download from you Google Playstore.

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