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Tips to Extend Android Phone Battery Life, other Smartphones
Tips to Extend Android Phone Battery Life

Tips to Extend Android Phone Battery Life and other Smartphones

Most of us complain so bad that our Smartphone’s battery capacity is not high enough and it goes off so fast. That is so truth that but battery are very low in capacity (always important to check that before buying an Android phone).

But sometimes we are also the cause of some problems making our phone battery down. That is the reason I will be share  here Tips to Extend Android Phone Battery Life, other Smartphones, a very effective way of maintaining phone batteries.

Here are Important Tips to Extend Android Phone Battery Life, other Smartphones

  • Always Off your Phone Data plan

When ever you are not using your phone data plan then it has to go off. Most times when the network are so bad that a phone is finding it hard connecting that it the apes time phone battery is been consumed. SO always remember that.

  • Disable Automatic App Updates

This is any important reason why ¬†Android Phone Battery Life, other Smartphones goes down. You most always make a schedule the appropriate time right for you to do your app updates. So you don’t automatically update Apps

  • Always Close Phone Applications After Usage / Uninstall the Useless Apps

When you know you are done making use of an app then the next should be closing it. You should Always note that the reason why Smartphones has RAM is to enable running of applications, so as long as app is open, such app is still running in the phone.

  • Activate or Download DU Battery Saver App and DU Speed Booster app

This app, time to time help you to check for any app that is consuming your phone RAM and Battery, so you will be asked to Optimize your Phone by it or you can also set it automatically. Please note that some of this Applications instead of doing the purpose, the consume battery instead so that is why I recommend you to go for this Battery booster apps.

  • Always Remember to Off all external connectivity like; Wifi, Bluetooth, Xender, Flash share, 4Share, etc

You should also never to forget that too. very important. Like I said if you don’t, as long as they are open, they still run underground (RAM) and making your phone slow, sometimes it stop working – then pick up again.

  • Do Not Over Charge Your Android Phone Battery

Once your phone is 100% full charge then you have to unplug it, if not so, it damages the battery as fast as possible. And apart from that it is always very risky to do that because the battery can explode.

  • Finally, Schedule time for Your Phone to Switch-off and to ON back again

You can set that for 30mins, 1hour. A for me a set my own midnight when I know people will not call me. so no point for my phone to stay On so I have to set it for 1hour rest.

I believe that with the above Tips to Extend Android Phone Battery Life, other Smartphones your phone battery life span will be longer then ever before.


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