Top 10 Best Alternative Of Gmail Account

Gmail is easily the most popular email service in the world today. It was established in 2004. Since then, it has grown to be the most used email service globally. As a matter of fact, in 2015, Gmail is estimated to have over 900m users. However, today, we bring you Top 10 Best Alternative Of Gmail Account.

You may wonder why suggest an alternative? Well, one, you may decide to choose a different platform for your email services instead of continuing with Gmail. Furthermore, Gmail is accused of scanning all sent and received emails. This allows them know the type of adverts they suit your emailing preferences. This is considered a breach of privacy by many.

Additionally, many people are not comfortable with the new Gmail “compose” interface for whatever reason. Another disadvantage is that you can’t view all your Gmail accounts (if you have more than 1) in a single tab. This and many more could warrant your going for an alternative of Gmail. Whatever be the case, here is the Top 10 Best Alternative Of Gmail Account for you.

Top 10 Best Alternative Of Gmail Account

There are many popular ones, like Yahoomail! We will not include that. Rather, we will go for the less popular but good, trusted and secured Gmail services.

1.      Zoho Mail

Top 10 Best Alternative Of Gmail AccountZoho Mail can be used on any device of your choice. It also allows you set up your email using your domain name, if you have any. Has to plans, the Free plan and the paid plan. With the free version you can host one domain and create up to 5 email addresses with 5GB space for each account. Another advantage is that it is ads-free unlike Gmail account.

2.      Yandex Mail

Top 10 Best Alternative Of Gmail AccountYandex Mail originated from Russia. You get 3GB of storage on your Yandex Disk, which can be extended to 7GB by doing a few simple things like installing the Windows application, uploading a few files and referring a friend to the service. It also allows users to easily organize their Emails into different categories and folders.

3. Mail is an amazing feature packed email client that offers 5GB storage for email and attachment sizes of 50MB. It also has a photo module that enables you to easily store, share and organize all of your photos. Furthermore, it has strong security since it scans all of your messages for spam, spyware and viruses.

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4.      Outlook Mail

Top 10 Best Alternative Of Gmail AccountThe mail is another strong alternative to Gmail. It integrates seamlessly with the interface of your Windows Operating system and it even lets you sync your calendar, contacts, integrates with OneDrive, OneNote, OfficeOnline and much more. It comes with Office Web Applications and SkyDrive. Additionally, it has a deep social integration that lets you import your Facebook contacts for ease of access and to chat with them through the Messaging feature. You can access and publish all of your Facebook statuses, photos or videos and view your friends’ updates too.

5.      iCloud Mail

Top 10 Best Alternative Of Gmail AccountiCloud is a product of the Apple Inc. It allows you to sync data between different Apple devices and provides 5GB email storage and maximum 20MB sized files are allowed for upload. The iCloud mail can only be used on Mac OS X or Windows, iOS running devices.

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6.      AOL Mail

Top 10 Best Alternative Of Gmail AccountThe AOL Mail is very strong because it is encrypted and scanned for viruses as well as against spam. It offers a free email account with unlimited email storage and option to choose between multiple email domains (,, Some of its key features include a perfect integration with AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) for chats, Text messaging to Mobile phones, Folder categorization, Events, To-Do lists, Personalizations etc

7.      Tutanota

Top 10 Best Alternative Of Gmail AccountTutanota is another very secured email service provider. It provides end-to-end encryption to email sent between Tutanota email accounts. The free account offers 1GB email storage with email account. The premium plan that costs €1 monthly allows adding your custom domain and have up to 5 email accounts and a maximum file upload size limit of 25 MB.

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8.      FastMail

Top 10 Best Alternative Of Gmail AccountA big advantage of the Fastmail is that it uses sophisticated anti-spam filters to keep your inbox spam-free and offers similar features to Gmail. You can also use the search system to quickly locate emails you want to see. Also, it has ad-free interface. FastMail allows users to pin important Emails to the top of the pile. Another key feature of FastMail is that it allows users to define a customizable anti-spam filter to keep the inbox junk-free.

9.      GMX

Top 10 Best Alternative Of Gmail AccountGMX offers one of the most user-friendly Email clients on the web. It also has free online calendar for syncing your events, spam filters and support for custom domains. Furthermore, it provides users with a maximum file upload limit of 50 MB! It has unlimited storage size for all your email.

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10.  Husmail

top 10 Best Alternative of Gmail AccountThe last of the Top 10 Best Alternative Of Gmail Account is the Husmail. If you are looking for an ad-free email service, Husmail is one of them. It offers 25GB storage, email encryption and supports POP and IMAP. One major disadvantage is that you need to login at least once a week.

You have seen the Top 10 Best Alternative Of Gmail Account. Which one would you go for or are you already using? Share your experiences with us below. Thank you.

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