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Top 10 Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship – Building A Working Relationship

Basically, relationships are meant to be enjoyed and not endured. When partners start enduring each other, it is a good indication the relationship is not what it should be. So, anyone who wants to have a healthy relationship must imbibe this Top 10 Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship. A healthy relationship is one in which the partners are free to express themselves while growing together.

So, what is on the Top 10 Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship? We will highlight these qualities for you. If by any means your relationship does not have any of these features, it does not mean you should quit. Rather, you and your partner should sit and discuss means of building your relationship to inculcate these values. Once this is done, and with willingness from both parties, you should enjoy your relationship and not endure it.

Top 10 Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship

1.It is not One-sided

One sided relationships are that in which one person enjoys while the other partner endures. If one partner ALWAYS complains of one thing or the other and the other partner finds nothing wrong with it, then it is not healthy.

2.Each Partner Supports The Other

People go into relationships to, amongst other things, get support. As such, each partner supports the other to achieve whatever they set out to achieve individually. None seeks to suppress the other from doing what matters to each. Rather, each person supports the other to achieve happiness in their own business.

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3.There Is No Pretense

Partners must be free to express themselves in their relationships. Once you find yourself pretending to be who you are not in other to make the other person happy, you lose the essence of your relationship. Each partner must understand that no one is perfect. So, if your partner doesn’t accept who you are and you are comfortable pretending, something is wrong. How long can you pretend until you are fed up?

4.Peaceful Resolution Of Conflicts

When two imperfect people are together, there is bound to be conflicts and misunderstanding. No relationship can exist without it. In fact, any relationship without disputes, disagreements and misunderstanding, is on its own, unhealthy. Accordingly, the ability to resolve these disputes in a mature way, shows growth. Conflicts shouldn’t be resolved through the fighting or through verbal prowess. But by dialogue and positive compromise.


Sacrifice is the life-wire of relationships. When no one sacrifices certain pleasures and indulgences for the other partner, the relationship dies a natural death. You may have to sacrifice certain habits to give happiness to the other person. Sacrifice also comes in accepting that certain things can’t change about your partner and living with them (provided they are not fundamental).


Can you enter a vehicle you don’t trust the brakes and the tires? Yet, people enter relationships with people they do not trust. The simple fact is this: Don’t even date who you can’t trust. Either you give them a chance to earn your trust, or you quit.

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7.Free Flow Of Communication

Every human relationship is anchored on communication. There must be a free flow of communication. Communication allows you express yourself, feelings, displeasure etc. when communication is hindered, partners go about with pains in their heart. In some relationships, one partner may find it hard expressing themselves out of fear of being misunderstood or asked to shut up.

8.Personal/Individual Growth

Yes, each partner must grow. Your partner should be able to motivate each other to growth. Encouraging your partner to learn new things, develop new skills or learn a new habit shows a relationship that is progressive. Continuous personal growth adds spice to relationships.

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9.Mutual Respect

Another of the Top 10 Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship is mutual respect. Both partners must show a high level of respect to each other. This should be expressed in the choice of words used on the partners. Respect of a partner’s decision, boundaries and choices should be paramount.

10.Presence Of Direction

No relationship should lack direction. This feature must be prominent in the minds of the partner. Each of the partners should be able to know the what the purpose of the relationship is all about. Is it just dating? Or marriage or whatever? For when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse becomes inevitable.

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Was this Top 10 Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship helpful? Let’s hear your comment and your ideas. Thank you for reading as you enjoy your relationship.


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