Top 10 Easy To Start Home Businesses


The reasons why individuals choose to work from home could include to have a part-time job to supplement their income, to exercise the entrepreneurial spirit, to start up a new business etc. Whatever category you fall into, here are Top 10 Easy To Start Home Businesses you can start today with little or no capital.

Before you go further, you may wish to consider the Top 10 Reasons To Start a Business.

Top 10 Easy To Start Home Businesses

     1.  TutoringTutoring

You can use a room or a space in your house to start a tutoring job. Often, school children are idle during the holidays and often during the weekend. You can take them on their school works. It could also be to prepare students for scholarship exams such as TOEFL, SAT etc, school cert exams or just to get them academically busy.

      2.  Personal ChefPersonal Chef

There are individuals or families who hardly have time to cook. They hire personal chefs who could Cook for them for between 1-3 times a week. Your skills and passions for cooking can pay you real good.

      3.  Public SpeakingPublic Speaking

Many known individuals are making money from public speaking today. Your personal experiences, expertise and knowledge can be exchanged for a pay. People like Brian Tracy, Myles Munroe, Fela Durotoye etc made it through public speaking. You can be the next in line.

      4.  Online Dating ConsultantOnline Dating Consultant

Challenges of relationship are enormous. People, individuals, partners, couples etc are ready to part with their hard earned money in exchange for just an advice that would remedy a dying relationship. From the comfort of your home, you can provide solution to these issues and receive your pay. You can open a website or even a blog through which you deliver the services to your clients.

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      5.  Pet Sitting


As people embark on vacations, holidays, travels and the likes, they are truly worried about the safety and welfare of their pets. What would it cost you to look after pets for few days and receive a generous pay?

      6.  Bloggingblogging logo

Blogging is a trending business. People are making it through blogging and you too can. All you need is just an internet connection and a laptop and you are on your way to generate income for yourself. You could use platforms like WordPress and for a start.

      7.  FreeLance WritingFreeLance Writing

There are many websites that accept contents from freelance writers. The good side is that you can write for many sites at a time. There are many topics you can write on. These sites that can be of help to you: and

      8.  Baby SittingBaby Sitting

You love babies. Don’t you? By babysitting other people’s babies, you can smile to the bank weekly. This could be on daily basis as the baby parents go off to work and also including weekends. There’s a lot of potentials for increase and expansion in baby sitting.

      9.  Laundry/ Dry Cleaning servicesDry Cleaning services

At one time or the other, you may have used the services of a laundryman. You can do same to others. You can do home services as well as public services.

      10.  Sewing/ Cloth Making Sewing Cloth Making

When it comes to clothing and dresses, individual preferences are varied. Many persons are beginning to prefer clothes made specifically for them. They also can have a customised design specially for them. You can do that. Can’t you???

As you may have seen, these Easy To Start Home Businesses are not just easy to start, but require little or no capital to start. They could be started even right now as you read this. You can advertise your chosen path on your Instagram, Facebook, whatsapp etc accounts. What excuse do you have again?

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