Top 10 Lucrative Business You Can Start With 50,000 Or Less In Nigeria

Top 10 Lucrative Business You Can Start With 50,000 In Nigeria – There are many lucrative businesses one can do in Nigeria today. Most businesses require a huge outlay of capital to be started. As a result, many persons who intend to go into business ar often discouraged by the huge capital need to start a business. Most of those people will keep waiting until time passes them by and they won’t start any business. They lack information needed to boost them.

There is a saying that one needs to start small and build it. So, there are many businesses one can start with a not-so-huge amount. We will show you the Top 10 Lucrative Business You Can Start With 50,000 In Nigeria. These businesses have a lot of potential for expansion if well managed.

Top 10 Lucrative Business You Can Start With 50,000 In Nigeria

1. Fairly Used Clothes

The most common name for fairly used clothes in Nigeria is called okirika. This business has a lot of potential for explosion as many people prefer to buy cheaper and fairly used clothes to wear. You can use less than 50,000 to purchase fairly used clothes, shoes and bags for sal and make huge profits.

2. Noodles Business

Dues to the busy lifestyle we see around us daily, people often depend on fast foods. But, our focus is on noodles business. With less than 50,000, you can buy few cartons of noodles, some crates of egg and even a gas cylinder to start the business. You can find a busy market location or even a students area or a busy street and you are up for business.

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3. Pop Corn

Who doesn’t like pop corn? Pop corn is consumed by children, teenagers, adults etc. And most often, they prefer buying from people who bake it live. So, you can find yourself a very busy area and set up your pop corn business. For a start, you can make use of a fairly used machine and start and advance from there.

4. Fast Food

You can set up a mini restaurant with 20k to 50k and start making money from it. You can even deliver to companies at the break time in saving them the stress and time going out to look for food by bringing it to them at the office, they will so much appreciate you while you make your money.

5. Phone Accessories

Phone accessories are phone stuffs like phone chargers, air pies, usb memory card etc. people have issues with their phone accesaries every day mostly chargers. This business is very lucrative if you are in a busy location. starting this business is not costly, you can start this business with 20,000 naira.

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6. Recharge Card Business

There are is always a very huge demand for recharge card business. People will definitely recharge their phones for calls, texts and data services. This means demand for it increases. You can start producing or you buy from producers in bulk (at cheaper prices) and then resell to retailer at a higher price.

7. Laundry & Dry Cleaning

You can make money by washing and ironing for the busy people. Dry-cleaning job has high profitability and is not seasonal. If you don’t have money for a shop yet, you can start going house to house or people to people and tell them you offer such services and do home delivery. From their, you can raise money to rent a shop and boom.

8. Poultry

The poultry needs of Nigerians are always on the increase. Whether it is for the meat or the eggs, people will also seek for poultry and livestock. You can buy a big cage that can contain up to 2 chickens, and in just 4 months you can start selling them for 3,000 naira each specially in season of celebration. with 30000 you can start this business comfortably and there is no too much stress on it.

9. Barbecue/Sharwama Business

Sharwama is consumable daily. Some people like eating barbecue or sharwama while drinking in bear parlor and also like buying for their family. The right place for this business is a front of bear parlor, or club. You can start sharwama or barbecue business with as low as 20k.

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10. Soap Making

Both solid and liquid soaps are easy to make and sell. The ingredients are easily available and after soap production, they can be sold to restaurants for cleaning jobs, markets and shops etc. on daily basis, people make use of soaps and this is a very profitable area to venture in.

There are a whole lots of other businesses one can venture into. But I believe these Top 10 Lucrative Business You Can Start With 50,000 In Nigeria has given you direction or at most a clue on what to do.

Good luck on your next adventure and please share.


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