Top 10 Major Gift Card Exchanges And Their Benefits

Do you know that statistics (according to show that $1 billion in gift cards go unused each year?. Now you know. But, how does that concern you with what we want to share with you here? It is simple. Would you love your own gift card to add to this statistics? I am sure you do not. This is why we want to show the major gift card exchanges where you can sell off your gift card for cash.

If selling your unused and unwanted gift cards online sounds a little sketchy, don’t worry: this article has got you covered on that. Today, we’re going to show you the best places where you can get the most bang for your buck when it comes to selling those unused gift cards you got for Christmas (or any other occasions.) You ready? Let’s roll then!

Top 10 Major Gift Card Exchanges

Here are some of the best sites you can trust for the exchange of your gift cards.

1. Cardpool

Official Website:

From all researches, the Cardpool site is the world’s number one gift card exchanges. It is one of the most well-known and most trusted gift card exchange platforms out there. In fact, the company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Through Cardpool, you can sell gift cards for cash. The website offers one of the best rates for unused gift cards. You can earn up to 92% of the card’s value – making it arguably the best place to sell gift cards.

Simply visit the site, tell it which gift card you want to sell, and then get offers. If you accept the offer, then you need to send your card to Cardpool. Once Cardpool receives your card, you get paid within 1 business day, via check. Furthermore, you’re guaranteed a return of up to 92 percent when you sell your cards in person or online. Please note: Cards must have $25 to sell them.

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2. Cardcash

Official Website:

CardCash is a top-rated gift card exchange site that makes it clear how much of a discount you will receive. The discount information appears once you select a retailer and browse by dollar amount. A price drop notification at the top of the page also tips you off to gift cards with particularly big discounts.

If you’re looking to sell unwanted gift cards you can earn up to 92 percent of their value. You can also choose between direct deposit, PayPal or a mailed check for your payout, or simply swap one card for another. CardCash gift cards are guaranteed for 45 days, so in that time frame you’ll get a refund if the card you ordered comes from the wrong retailer or in the wrong amount. 

The Better Business Bureau gave CardCash a B- rating, noting users having problems with cards expiring 45 days after purchase. CardCash recommends you use the gift card before the 45 days is up to stay within the guarantee period.

3. Sell Giftcard

Official Website: is buying all forms of gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Walmart Gift cards at the best rate ever. Selling of iTunes gift card is very much easier and comfortable when you trade with our team of trusted personnel.

They pay in Naira, Bitcoin, Perfect money and payment is made within 5 – 10 Minute of Validation. Also, they are the biggest Platform for gift card Trading in Nigeria.

Furthermore, they trade all forms of gift cards in Nigeria from iTunes Gift Card to Amazon gift card, Walmart gift card, all Denominations of Cards are acceptable.

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4. Gift Card Granny

Official Website:

Gift Card Granny is another reputable and popular platform. Through this easy to use website, you can sell gift cards for cash or exchange an unwanted gift card for one that you’ll actually use. You just need to visit the site, search for the brand/store on your gift card, enter the gift card’s balance, and then you can view offers.

What’s interesting about Gift Card Granny is that it allows you to choose from a few different selling options:

  • Sell it now: With this option, you simply choose the best offer and agree to sell your gift card for that price. You can earn up to 92% cash back. And, you receive payment within days. With this option, you get cash quickly.
  • Name your price: This option allows you to list your card online and you have the chance to name your own price. This option takes longer, but you could potentially get paid more. Once you sell and deliver the gift card, you receive payment.
  • Trade in: You exchange your unwanted gift card for a gift card you actually do want. There are dozens of well-known and popular retailers to choose from. Generally, with the trade in option, you receive a higher payout.

5. Raise

Official Website:

Raise is a popular gift card platform, which has been mentioned by a number of major news outlets, like NBC News, ABC News, Today, USA Today and Time Magazine. Raise is different to many of the other places on this list. Rather than simply receiving an offer, accepting it and getting paid, Raise allows you to list your gift card for sale.

This method of selling unwanted cards can take a bit longer, but it can yield higher payouts. It’s free to list a card on Raise, but once you sell it, the site takes a 12% commission. Payments are made via direct deposit, PayPal or cheque.

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6. Coinstar Exchange

Official Website:

Another of the best Major Gift Card Exchanges is If you want to get cash for gift cards instantly, then you should definitely check out Coinstar Exchange. It’s a company that has kiosks in grocery stores across the United States – finding them is easy as they are bright yellow.

Through a Coinstar Exchange kiosk, you can sell gift cards for cash on the spot. All you need to do is place your card into the machine and you’ll receive a cash offer. If you accept the offer, the machine prints out a voucher that you can redeem for cash instantly.

Other Gift Card Exchanges

Below re some other gift card exchanges you can also trust.

  • Gift Card – (
  • Monster Gift – (

Over to you. Have you used any of these gift card exchanges before or you have other good ones you use which we did not list here? Kindly share your experiences with us below.

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