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One major thing with MMM is that it has proven to stand the test of time where others failed. Despite the challenges it faced, it has remained strong and appears even stronger. It may interest you to know that MMM has safety measures that would make it hard for it to crash just like that. We will show you the Top 10 MMM Safety Nets.

The Top 10 MMM safety nets are measures put in place to ensure the sustainability of MMM. Currently, MMM is operating in over 20 different countries of the world. It is a huge indication that MMM is waxing stronger globally. This is not to say it has been without challenges, but it is an indication of commitment to their philosophy and belief.

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Top 10 MMM Safety Nets

MMM has over 10 safety nets. However, these are the top 10.

Pause Mode

The Pause Mode is applied when the numbers of the people getting help is greater than the people providing help. The system will pause the GH transactions and allow more PH to come into the system for the duration of 2 and half months, and then the system will now restart.

14 Days Defrost

This is currently in use. When a participant’s “provide help” is received and approved, the MAVRO will be frozen for 14days before he can ask for help. During this process, more PH would have come into the system therefore there would be pool of cash to pay the old participants.

Extension of GH Hours

Whenever there is a public holiday and banks won’t function, the system extends the hours of the people who are getting help. During this period, more people will be providing help into the system.

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Help Seeking From Neighbouring Country

When there are more GH than PH in a country, MMM will look into other countries which are doing well and match them together, pending the time that the affected country’s deficit will be rectified. This only occurs in very critical conditions.

Absence Of A Central Account

MMM does not have a central account where participants pay in money to. Rather, as a peer-to-peer platform, members pay money into each other’s account. As a result, no one will say MMM ran away with their money.

Peer To Peer Payment System

MMM Participants pay directly to the bank account of other participants seeking help. MMM operates as a medium through which people help themselves.  That is why MMM states on its website that: “MMM does not collect your money, MMM is not a bank, MMM is not an online business, investment or MLM program, HYIP, MMM is a community where people help each other.”

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Guiders are the heartbeat of MMM. They are the ones charged with ensuring everyone understands MMM ideologies. They constantly remind people that MMM participants are only helping themselves. This breeds confidence in the system.

PH Match Hours Extension

When the system finds out that there is more GH than PH, it will extend the hour of old PH so that to hold down their order matches duration. During this period, the system will allow more new PH to come into the system to get it balanced.

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Website Upgrades And Security

MMM has one of the strongest website in the world. It employs professional in cyber security to protect the system from being hacked and affected. As such, participants are not at risk of losing their money at anytime.

If you have read through the Top 10 MMM safety nets and wish to register, follow this link to register: MMM-Nigeria Registration. However, you must note that:

The Onlinedailys team do not encourage you to participate in MMM. It will therefore not be liable to any loss encountered by your participation. If you wish to join, use your spare money and participate at your own risk”.

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