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Top 10 Pension Companies In Nigeria You Can Trust

Whether you are about to retire, in the middle of your employment career or a new beginner in the employment sector, it is important to understand that having a pension fund will save you in life to come. Lots of people are coming to understand how vital it is to have pension funds in their name today. And that is why we want to show the top 10 pension companies in Nigeria today.

To make it simple, a pension is the total sum of money saved by and employee with a Pension Fund administrator (PFA) which the employee won’t touch until he/she retires. These saved funds will be used by the individual to survive during the time he’s retired. This is why it is important to have a pension in your name.

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As you know, there are many PFA that are not upto the standards of others. This is why we carefully selected these top 10 best pension companies in Nigeria for you. Read on and see them.

Best Pension Companies In Nigeria

Here are the best of the rest of them in Nigeria.

1. AXA Mansard

Axa Mansard is definitely one of the best pension firms in Nigeria today. This company is located at Ahmadu Bello Road of Victoria Island. They have a diversified pension package that can be quite effective for various types of wages. If you are an employer, then you can register all your employees within AXA Mansard group. Moreover, as an individual, you can also open your retirement plan out of several variants. It’s also possible to include the voluntary contribution option. It’s an especially interesting option for people who set particular goals for their pension.

2. ARM Pensions Manager

ARM stands for Arms & Resource Management. It is another of the top notch pension fund administrators in Nigeria today. It was the very first company which obtained the license from the Nigerian Government to operate with the pensions of Nigerian citizens. The leader of this company is Emmanuel Ikazoboh. This person is a highly experienced professional.

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3. LeadWay Pension

With LeadWay pension, you can be rest assured. It`s another top pension administration that provides top quality services in Nigeria. They may offer a huge range of services connected with investments and customer support in Nigeria. Therefore, they have numerous customers across the country. For today, LeadWay Pension has one of the largest customers’ bases in Nigeria. For a lot of employees, it`s one of the best places to save their money for the future.

4. Crusader Sterling Pension

The Crusader Sterling Pension was incorporated in 2004. Since then, it has a very potent player in the pension sector. It has also recorded many testimonies. They provide regular investment strategies to their customers. The Crusaders Sterling capital includes voluntary and retirement contribution. The voluntary contribution provides various packages for people who want to set up different goals for their pensions. For today, they have the highest fund price in the industry.

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5. Oak Pensions

This is another pension fund administrator that was established in 2014. They provide some of the best pension services with repute in Nigeria. They have the following offers, Retirement Savings Account (RSA), voluntary contribution, Retirement planning and advisory services, Defined benefit scheme management etc.


All the companies listed in these best pension companies in Nigeria can definitely deliver. The difference only lies in what you want. So, it is best to check them out and choose anyone that appeals best to you.

Have questions? Kindly ask. Want to share your experiences with us? You are welcome. Use the comment box below.


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