Top 10 Reasons To Start A Business


Have you always wanted to start your business but you somehow lack the motivation to start it up? Or could you have heard and read about the million reasons why you shouldn’t start your own business? Perhaps, you are confused about the whole business thing and need some clarifications on why to start your very own business? Here are the Top 10 Reasons To Start A Business.

Starting a business need not be a burden. It should not also cause you sleepless nights. A casual observation and a little research will reveal thousands of businesses that are thriving. If they thrive, you can also thrive. Put away fear, take a seat and join me as i lead you through why you must Start A Business today.

Top 10 Reasons To Start A Business

      1.   To Earn Income

The foremost and most important reason to go into business is simply to earn income. Business introduces one to financial independence and growth and one can easily have the wherewithal to satisfy ones needs.

      2.   To Provide Solution

Several businesses today are simply out to provide solution to existing problems in the society. For instance, one who is engaged in Online Relationship Consultancy provides solution to relationship problems in the society. You have to discover a very difficult problem and by providing solution, you are already into business.

      3.   To Increase Self Esteem

Having your own established business gives you a deep sense of fulfilment. That feeling of achievement goes a long way to increase one’s self esteem. It also gives you the sense of self-importance that you cannot be ignored that easily. Are you having a low self esteem? Start a business today.

      4.   To Create Employment

The governments of the world today cannot do without the private sectors that augment the efforts of government in providing employment opportunities to the multitude of unemployed job seekers. Your business can grow and have the capacity of employing job seekers. This can go a long way in dissuading them from engaging in crimes in the society.

      5.   To be Independent

Starting your own business makes you truly independent. You are no longer controlled and directed by another. You decide what to do with your business and how to go about it. Moreover, you can also be your own person. Your holidays and vacation will be determined by you and you alone.

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      6.   To Create a Legacy

Having your own business is an opportunity and chance to create and leave a legacy. Businesses which are value driven often create long lasting legacies. You can create your legacy. Think of Ford, Dangote, Virgin Airlines, Microsoft, Apple etc and you think of legacy. You can be the next.

      7.   To Create Your Life

Having your own business gives you the opportunity to create your own life. You have the freedom to work when you want, where you want and how you want. You also have the freedom to surround yourself with people of like passions as your employees and or partners.

      8.   Chance For Self Improvement

Business improves you. The challenges, successes, failures and everything associated with business has a way of refining and redefining an individual. It makes one to be more realistic and to grow in leaps and bounds. Business owners are also exposed to different life situations that others do not face. All these contribute to improve you.

      9.   To Provide Mentorship

With your experiences and success story, you are well positioned to provide mentorship to other persons around who would wish to follow your footstep. Moreover, your success makes you an example and a reference point to many people around you.

      10.   To Pursue Your Passion

You can pursue your passions and dream as a business. Your passion should be able to give you satisfaction as well as providing a livelihood for you. Turn your passion to write into blogging. You can as as well as blessing lives, make a living for yourself. See you at the top.

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