Top 10 Richest South African Musicians And Their Music Careers

Top 10 Richest South African Musicians And Their Music Careers

South Africa is considered by many as the home of African music. This goes to show you the level at which it operates. And by implication, it simply means South Africa is the home of the best musicians in Africa as a whole. Musicians and artists from South Africa are known globally. Their songs and music are of international repute. As a result, we want to look at the Top 10 Richest South African Musicians And Their Music Careers.

Nigeria is another home of music and musicians in Africa. They seem to be in competition with each other as to who owns African music. The competition has given rise to the emergence of global music stars from South Africa. Without wasting time, let’s look at the Top 10 Richest South African Musicians And Their Music Careers.

Top 10 Richest South African Musicians And Their Music Careers

Here is the list of the richest South African Musicians

1. Rebecca Malope

First of the Top 10 Richest South African Musicians is Rebecca Malope is known as African Queen of Gospel music. Throughout her career that has been spinning for 30 years, she sold at least 10 million albums in South Africa making her one biggest selling artists in South Africa all the time. Since the beginning of her career she released 35 albums with most of them achieving multi-platinum status, platinum status and Gold status. From 2004 till date, she has been the hostess of the TV show It’s Gospel Time. In 2013 she was one of the judges in Clash of Choirs South Africa. According to Wiki Net Worth Rebecca Malope’s net worth is $5 million (R68,25 million).

2. Juanita du Plessis

According to her sales figures, she has achieved gold and multi-platinum status for her 30 or so albums released over the years. Her total album sales to date are 1.35 million albums. Her net worth is unknown.

3. Black Coffee

Black Coffee is a South African record producer and DJ. He began his career around 1995 and has released five albums as well as a live DVD under his Johannesburg-based record label, Soulistic Music. Black Coffee generates good income from his Soulistic Music label which has some of the top house music acts signed to it. Black Coffee has collaborated with artists such as Usher, Alicia Keys and Drake. His music has repeatedly been on the best-selling lists for many years. The celebrated artist currently has properties in the United States and other countries and hangs out with the likes of P Diddy! To top it off, he currently drives a Maserati! According to The Net Worth Portal Black Coffee’s net worth is an estimated $2 million (R27,3 million).

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4. Oskido

Top 10 Richest South African Musicians -4. Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa known by the stage name Oskido is the founder of record label, Kalawa Jazmee Records. His record label is home to successful artists like Bongo Maffin and Boom Shaka. According to The Net Worth Portal Oskido’s net worth is around $2 million (R27,3 million).

5. Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest is one rapper who came into the game and made a huge impact in such a short space of time. In 2015 Cassper signed the biggest deal the music industry has ever seen with MTN. The rapper is also an independent artist who owns a recording label, has a new endorsement with Ciroc and drives two Bentleys!

6. Die Antwoord

This rap-rave group has been successful for a while now and have been in the music business since 2009. They have headlined a lot of international tours n Europe and various parts of the world. The group has apparently a net worth of R56 million and an annual revenue of R8 million.

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7. Steve Hofmeyr

Top 10 Richest South African Musicians – 7. Hofmeyr juggles between being a music artist, actor and TV presenter. Although he has been involved in some controversies during his career he has remained one of the most popular musicians in South Africa. According to Celebrity Bio is $20 million (R273 million).

8. AKA

This South African rapper has been making music since he was a teenager but started making money because of his music in 2011 when he became AKA and released his first album. He has since become a megastar who has won awards internationally. He also has endorsement deals that said to be worth R4,8 million. According to The Net Worth Portal AKA’s net worth is $11,4 million (R155,6 million)

9. DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu is the founder of TS Records and is an SA DJ and a Kwaito star. This DJ is also the founder of MoFaya an energy drink. He currently drives a Porsche. According to The Net Worth Portal DJ Sbu’s net worth is $2 million (R27,3 million).

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10. DJ Euphonik

This DJ is well known for playing House music. Euphonik has travelled abroad to places like New York, Dubai and around Africa. Euphonik has also shared the stage with big names in the misc industry like Swedish House Mafia and Skrillex. He has made investments in property and owns altogether 14 properties in Johannesburg. He has collaborated with Superga, an Italian shoe company) three times to produce limited edition sneakers. Euphonik currently drives a Bentley. According to The Net Worth Portal DJ Euphonik’s net worth is more than $2,5 million (R34,1 million).

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