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Top 2 Best Methods to Download Videos Online

Most times you might have found important videos to download online but the way to do it becomes the problem. To download videos online has its pattern of doing it and am going to show you how to download online videos free form Youtube, Yahoo, or form other types of video websites online.

The Top 2 Best Methods to Download Videos Online

How to Download Online Videos with Torch Browser

  1. Download Torch Browser on your computer. The Torch Browser is free browsing application that can be downloaded online for free. Some might be asking now “how can I download online Video using Torch Browser?” This answerable question will be displayed using images for better understanding.
    Download videos and audio from the internet in a single click. No annoying software, converters or extensions, just one button to grab it all.

Lets go on with how to download free Torch Browser for PC

  • Click here to visit Torch browser downloading link
  • Click on download now
  • Click on save or run
  • Wait for the browser to finish downloading
  • lunch your browser now

Now after you have downloading and installing the free Torch browser,

  • lunch the browser
  • enter the website(s) that contains the videos you want to download
  • once you do that, I mean once the video website opens, there will be an automatic signal showing you to download videos and/or audio. see image below;How to download online videos from Torch browser
  • Click on that signal
  • And your download starts with immediate effect

Other things you can do with Torch Browser;

  • Design your Facebook Profile
  • Watch Videos while downloading it
  • Download Online Videos and Audio free

2. You can Download Changing the Site url to “SS”

Am going to show you this right away.

  • lunch your browser
  • enter the video website and let it open
  • Now this is were the work lays. On the “URL” you will have to edit it and add the “ss”. For example; below is the image url website you want to download; You are going to edit the https://www. and it will remain ” “.
  • Now add SS to the remaining part of the url. See it here;  this is the url that will allow you download online videos free. See image below;download videos online using ssPlease note: you can use any browser to do this.
  • Once you tap the enter key (after replacing it to ss), you will be redirected to the official website of SS were you can start your download. The “SS” official website is called “”
  • Now the page will open and it looks like this;download video image tutorialAs you can see, when you enter the official website of SS to download the video, the “SS” automatically removes from the url.  The reason for putting the ss at the first time to to redirect you to the official website were you can download the video free.

I hope you enjoyed reading and applying this well? Use the comment box below to show an appreciation or share your challenges with others here


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