Top 20 Courses That Guarantee Immediate Employment After Graduation

One of the challenges facing Nigerian graduates is the challenge of employment after graduation. Yearly, more and more people are losing their jobs in a very high proportion and there seems to be no solution. However, these Top 20 Courses That Guarantee Immediate Employment After Graduation will ensure you are not left without employment after graduation.

The rate of unemployment is critical in Nigeria. The government seems overwhelmed as regards job creation as well as job losses. Students and school leavers fear for their future. All because of unemployment and its attendant challenges.

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With these Top 20 Courses That Guarantee Immediate Employment After Graduation, you stand a very good chance of gaining employment after graduation. Graduates of most of the courses listed here are what we refer to as “hot cake”. They are in high demand. Some of them are usually and often even employed before graduation. This is as a result of the insufficiency of graduates in those areas.

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So, anyone who studies any of these courses here have little to worry about on employment. Furthermore, the graduates of these courses could be employed in multiple places. This makes it easy for them to be employed without sweat.

Top 20 Courses That Guarantee Immediate Employment After Graduation

Here are the 20 courses.

1. Civil Engineering
2. Agriculture Science.
3. Medicine.
4. Economics.
5. Business & Administrative
6. Geology
7. Computer Science/IT
8. Nursing
9. Architecture
10. Health Education
11. Home Economics
12. Marketing
13. Graphics Art.
14. Accounting & Finance
15. Fishery.
16. Pharmacy.
17. Physics
18. Human Resources
19. Law
20. Chemistry

Please Note: This does not mean that other courses do not offer employment opportunities. It is just that those other ones are more competitive and have many graduates yearly. In that case, there is few opportunities for the number of graduates in that area. However, students who are highly exceptional stand a good chance of getting employed. So, improve yourself and never give up on your dreams.

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Do you agree with the Top 20 Courses That Guarantee Immediate Employment After Graduation? Share your thoughts with us if you agree or even disagree

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