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Top 20 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria – Alexa Top Sites In Nigeria

There are millions of websites in the world. Nigerians daily make use of the internet for different purposes. But, which site is the most visited in Nigeria and by Nigerians? The Alexa ranking of top sites in Nigeria has released the most visited sites in Nigeria. So here is the Top 20 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria.

What position does MMM fall under? What about Bet9ja? You will find out Top 20 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria here. So, we will give you the top 20 of these most visited sites in Nigeria. Your findings will surprise you. I’m sure of that. Read on.

Top 20 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria

Here are the most visited sites in Nigeria.

1. This is Google search engine. It is the most used search engine in the world.

2. This is the Nigerian domain of the Google search engine.

3. This is a website where people create channels to upload and share videos.

4. Bet9ja is the fastest growing and most popular betting site in Nigeria.

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5. is a search engine owned by Yahoo, one of the most popular mail service providers in Nigeria.

6. What do I need to say about Facebook?

7. is a site which publishes and aggregates news items.

8. This is Africa’s number one shopping site.

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9. One of the most popular open sites where the public can register and post whatever they wish to post.

10. This is the major ponzi site in the whole world today.

11. Vanguard is a news site.

12. Eskimi is an information and dating site.

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13. Info based global website.

14. This is a social media that deals with most pictures.

15. Newspaper website.

16. An empowerment program site for Nigerian youths.

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17. this site is used in tracking.

18. Another social media.

19. This is a professional networking site.

20. This is another information based site in Nigeria.

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Are you surprised with this list of Top 20 Most Visited Websites In Nigeria? Share your thoughts with us.

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