Top 3 Ways To Pay Your DSTV Subscription – DSTV Payment Online

There are many ways people can make their DSTV subscription payment online. However, we want to bring to you the Top 3 Ways To Pay Your DSTV Subscription. These are efficient and effortless ways of subscribing your DSTV to ensure you are back online as soon as possible. So, if you have been disconnected, do not worry. Help is here for you right away. Ready to break some legs?? Let’s go then.

DSTV owned by South African company known as MultiChoice is the most popular Pay TV network in Africa and Nigeria in particular. As a Pay TV service, users are supposed to be renewing their subscription once the one they are using expires. Of course there are different bouquets in DSTV with different price tags so you have to subscribe for the one that fits your need and pocket.

Top 3 Ways To Pay Your DSTV Subscription – DSTV Payment Online

Like we pointed out above, you can make your payments in many more ways but we will guide you on these top 3. Enjoy.

1. Through Quickteller

QuickTeller allows DStv customers to pay for DSTV subscriptions online. You can make DSTV payment with Quickteller on the web, at ATM or via the Quickteller mobile app. However, you must have a valid debit card for this to be successful (Verve, MasterCard etc). After successful payment, the amount will be debited from your bank account and your DSTV account will be credited and your viewing will be restored. See a detailed guide on how to pay DSTV subscription through quickteller.

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2. Through Online Payment

Also known as “DSTV Eazy Self Service”, you can pay either your personal subscription or someone’s subscription via this platform. There is also option to pay for someone abroad (only for selected countries). To get started, just go to and then log into your dstv account. Enter the smartcard number of the dstv account you want to pay for, verify and follow the prompts. That’s it and your account will be credited.

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3. Through Banks Mobile Apps

Virtually every bank now has a mobile app for online transactions. And some if these banks adds MultiChoice dstv Nigeria subscriptions option to their app so that customers can easily pay from their phone instead of visiting the banking halls and queuing. When making the payment, you will be required to provide the dstv smart card number that you want to recharge, the phone number of the customer and other necessary details.

As you have seen, these Top 3 Ways To Pay Your DSTV Subscription  are very easy. You can choose from any of them and follow suit.

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