Top 4 Ways To Create Strong And Easily Remembered Passwords – How To Be Secured Online

Top 4 Ways To Create Strong And Easily Remembered PasswordsMany times, people have complained of having their accounts hacked. Other times, unauthorised users easily decode their passwords to log into their accounts. And, when this happens, people lose important stuffs. Most hacked accounts are impersonated to wreck havoc. Haven’t you seen people apologising for their accounts being hacked? The good news is that you secure yourself online. We will show you  4 ways to create strong and easily remembered passwords.

The 4 ways to create strong and easily remembered passwords will not only show you how to create strong passwords, but will also teach you how to have easily remembered passwords. So, you can create a strong password and remember it easily as well. It is a win-win situation for you. Read on.

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4 Ways To Create Strong And Easily Remembered Passwords

The following steps will guide you in creating strong and unbreakable passwords.Top 4 Ways To Create Strong And Easily Remembered Passwords

  1. Use Different Passwords For Different Accounts

If someone happens to figure out the password to any of your online/offline accounts, they could use it in all your accounts. Using different passwords for different accounts ensures this does not happen at all.

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  1. Mix Up Your Password

It is very advisable to use a mixture of letters (Upper and Lower Cases), numbers and symbols in creating your passwords. For example, an eight-character password with numbers, symbols and mixed-case letters is harder to guess because it has 30,000 times as many possible combinations than an eight-character password with only lower case letters. A security expert, Bruce Schneier says “Crackers use different dictionaries: English words, names, foreign words, phonetic patterns and so on for roots; two digits, dates, single symbols and so on for appendages. They run the dictionaries with various capitalizations and common substitutions: “$” for “s”, “@” for “a”, “1″ for “l” and so on. This guessing strategy quickly breaks about two-thirds of all passwords.”  A good example is frOp3@TVi12#.

  1. Do Not Use Personal Information As Passwords

The most easily hackable passwords are ones with personal information. Your passwords should not contain your names, nicknames, surnames, birthdays, wives/children’s names etc. Anything that can be easily associated with you is not advisable to be used as a password.

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  1. Do Not Use Short Passwords

The last of our 4 ways to create strong and easily remembered passwords is to avoid short passwords. It is highly advised to use passwords with at least 12 characters. Most of the easily hacked passwords are less than 12. Experts advise you make it at least 12. Also, avoid using serial passwords eg 12345, abcde, password, tommy etc. They could be easily hacked.Top 4 Ways To Create Strong And Easily Remembered Passwords

How To Remember Your Passwords

One major way of remembering your passwords is by using the statement method. That is, your password should be drawn from a sentence you can easily remember. Example, “The first house I ever lived in was 613 Fake Street”. Taking the first letters of the sentence you have something like this: @Tfhieliw613fS. You could use the upper and lower cases at your convenience.

We believe that these top 4 ways to create strong and easily remembered passwords have been helpful to you in a long way. Share your thoughts and opinions with us. Also, we would be glad to have you share this. Thank you for sharing.

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