Top 5 Causes Of Divorce

Top 5 Causes Of Divorce And How To Avoid Them

Every relationship is faced with many tasking challenges. Marriage is not an exception. The increasing rate of marital divorce is worrisome. All hands must be put on deck to stem this rising challenge of divorce. Let’s look at the Top 5 Causes Of Divorce And How To Avoid Them.

The Top 5 Causes Of Divorce And How To Avoid Them is very crucial at this time. Identifying the cause of a problem is a strong foundation towards its solution. Accordingly, we shall highlight the 5 major causes of marital divorce and recommend how to avoid them.

Top 5 Causes Of Divorce And How To Avoid Them

  1. Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the most important reasons marriages break up. No one would love to share his loved one with another. When infidelity steps into a relationship, it is already headed to the rock.divorcefidelity

To avoid infidelity, partners must be able to meet up with the sexual needs of each other. Each one must be considerate of one another. Further, knowing the character of your prospective partner before marriage can go a long way in preventing divorce in marriages.

  1. Financial challenges

Nothing is ever achieved without finance. When there is no finance, marriages suffer. If couples fail to meet up with their financial obligations either to their spouses or even their families, it creates a whole lot of conflicts. These conflicts over time can cause divorce in marriages.divorcefinance

The panacea to this include: partners must be willing to adjust their financial expenditures; there must be a family budget; couples can seek financial advice from experts; etc

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  1. Poor Communication

Poor communication is a major relationship killer. When there is a gap in communication, misunderstandings are inevitable, poor communication breeds conflicts, leads to poor crises management and creates emotional gaps between couples.divorcecauses

Couples must learn effective communication skills. They must create time for discussions. They also need to learn how to listen.

  1. Physical Abuse

Women are the worst affected of this. Physical abuse not just only creates physical injury, it also comes with psychological and emotional problems. It reduces self-esteem and also kills love in marriages.physical-abuse

When there is any case of physical abuse, partners should seek out for professional and psychological advice.

  1. Unmet Expectations

People enter into marital relationship with different expectations. The expectations could include child bearing, marital joy, financial enhancement, career advancements etc. When some or all of these expectations are unmet, the aggrieved partners see no need of remaining as one again. Hence, they divorce.Top 5 Causes Of Divorce

Dating can be helpful in this aspect. During dating and courtship, these expectations can be identified and discussed. The means of achieving them must also be outlined. If there is obvious lack of compatibility, the marriage should not even hold in the first place.

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Your marriage can be rescued from divorce. Probably, the peculiar challenge of your marriage is not listed here. You can seek out the services of a marriage counsellor within your locality. Do not die in silence.

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