Crowdfunding Sites In Nigeria

Top 5 Crowdfunding Sites In Nigeria For Business Funds

It is something awful when you have lots of business ideas but do not have the needed cash to implement them. Being a Nigerian, it is one of the most difficult things that business people face. But, we want to provide you with an opportunity to raise funds for your business. Here is the list of the top 5 crowdfunding sites in Nigeria.

What then is Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is simply the act of raising funds by for business or a particular project from a large group of persons. Usually, the fund raised by individuals could be little but giving the huge number of persons involved, it yields a lot.

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Crowdfunding essentially relies on the idea of democratizing the flow of money into a project or business. Today, millions of projects in the United States of America have seen the light of the day thanks to a strong backing from the community in exchange for simple yet fun and exclusive rewards.

Top 5 Crowdfunding Sites In Nigeria

Below are the selected best crowdfunding sites in Nigeria today.

1. Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. It is a great platform for artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, writers, illustrators, explorers, curators, promoters, performers, and others to bring their projects and ambitions to life. Project creators inspire people to open their wallets by offering products, benefits, and fun experiences.

On Kickstarter, funding is all or nothing, so you must meet the goal you set within the allotted time or everyone gets their money back. It’s free to create a project on Kickstarter, but if it’s successfully funded, Kickstarter applies a 5% fee to collected funds. There will also be processing fees between 3-5%.

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2. NaijaFund

NaijaFund is one of the free crowdfunding platforms in Nigeria. It allows anyone to raise fund for what matters to you including business.This platform enables the operators to link their accounts with social media and ask for funds from friends, relatives, pastors, members of associations and even classmates irrespective of the users’ location.

The registration is free, but after you receive the donations, NaijaFund will deduct ten percent of the fund donated.

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3. CircleUp

If you’re an entrepreneur working to get your consumer product on the market, CircleUp offers an exciting array of services, including a platform for connecting with accredited investors, insights from machine-learning technology, and access to special lines of credit for startups.

It is another leading crowdfunding site in Nigeria. It helps you connect with organizations and people with resources. In return, this assists you in the creation of innovative programs that will help you meet unaddressed needs in your community.

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4. MicroVentures

MicroVentures is an equity crowdfunding investment platform, combining the best of venture capital with equity crowdfunding. Since 2009, MicroVentures has been helping businesses (including Facebook) access capital from both accredited and non-accredited investors.

It allows donations from both qualified and non-qualified investors. The investors give money to the business, and in return, they receive ownership of a small portion of that business. MicroVenture is subject to financial regulations due to equity crowdfunding. If the company grows, the worth goes up and so do the value of shares.

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5. Indiegogo

The last of the best crowdfunding sites in Nigeria is Indiegogo. This is another crowdfunding platform that encourages people to fund their business ideas and projects. It allows small enterprises and startups to discover innovations in designs as well as generate pre-sales and get a response from first adopters before manufacturing their products.

Indiegogo is a global crowdfunding platform empowering people around the world to fund projects and ideas that matter to them. The platform enables individuals and startups to generate pre-sales and collect feedback from early adopters before they manufacture their products.

So, here you have the best crowdfunding sites in Nigeria. You can use any of these sites to raise funds for your business at any time and any day, provided you meet up with their terms and conditions.

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