Top 5 Digital Products To Sell In 2019 & Beyond

If you have been considering going into online business, one of the best areas you can focus on is selling digital products. Digital products are easy to distribute, significantly more sustainable, can be replicated infinitely, and are oftentimes simpler to create. With little more than one or a few devices, any person is capable of making a digital product worthy of sharing or selling. No physical materials, factories, or staff required. Just a computer, a sprinkle of passion and drive, and some time. Read on to know the best 10 digital products you can sell online.

What makes them especially appealing, however, is that digital products can be created once and sold repeatedly to different customers without having to replenish your inventory, making them ideal for creatives, artists, educators, and freelancers looking for new income streams that require less effort to maintain.

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What are digital products?

A digital product is an intangible asset or form of media that can be sold and distributed repeatedly online without the need to replace your inventory. These products often come in the form of downloadable or streamable files, such as MP3s, PDFs, videos, plug-ins, and templates.

Best Digital Products To Sell In 2019 & Beyond

So, what are the best digital products you can sell in this year and beyond?

1. eBooks

eBooks have been and continue to be one of the most popular digital products for both creators and customers. They are relatively simple to produce since they require little more than written text and a few relevant images. eBooks are simple to distribute via large marketplaces or self-created online stores. They’re easily consumed by customers, who can read them on e-readers, tablets, computers, and even their mobile phones.

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2. Software

Selling software online is something we should know a fair amount about. The software industry is enormous and consistently growing. It is also extremely ripe with opportunities. Any person’s ability to write code of any kind can result in new, useful products. Whether it be desktop software, web-based applications, website templates, mobile apps, video games, or anything else powered by code. The possibilities are endless, and an established market likely exists.

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3. Photography

High-quality, premium photos are one of the most sought-after digital products today. The biggest consumers of online photographs are bloggers and website owners. It’s true that stock photography has commoditized the market to the point where some photos are sold for less than they are worth (or they are given away for free). However, for truly spectacular images (and not some of the cheesy stuff you’ll find on stock websites), photographers can still command fair prices.

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4. Courses

e-Learning is an industry rich in innovation, and is growing with unprecedented momentum. As it grows, we are starting to see traditional educational institutions explore new ways to make their content available to learners. So, as for established educational programmes, learning material can be sold in a few different ways:

  1. As a downloadable one-off course
  2. As a downloadable collection of courses
  3. Memberships/subscription to a web-based service.

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5. Audio & music

Audio is a powerful medium for communicating messages, and there are many different types of audio digital products. People pay for audio tracks that entertain them, soothe them, inform them, inspire them and help them achieve business goals, to list just a few examples. Audio products can include:

  1. Recorded lectures
  2. Musical samples
  3. Audiobooks
  4. Foreign language lessons
  5. Relaxing background noises
  6. Karaoke versions of popular songs
  7. Reusable sound effects
  8. Full lyrical or instrumental music tracks

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There are many opportunities you can create for yourself within these areas mentioned. You can get as many digital products to sell to your audience and customers. So, get to work.

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