Top 5 Guaranteed Ways To Make Money Online

Do you know that there is more money online than offline? Now you have heard it. Technology has taken over day-to-day lives of individuals and people are daily realising the vast opportunities online. You too can join the billions of people making money online. These top 5 guaranteed ways to make money online will show you 5 ways through which people keep making money online daily. The interesting part is that most of these can earn you passive income while you focus on your career.

Making money online is not always easy but not also impossible. What it takes most times are willingness, learning and determination. So, before you go through these top 5 guaranteed ways to make money online, you must be willing to learn whatever it takes to succeed. Couple this with your determination to persevere and you will join the millions of individuals making money online.

Top 5 Guaranteed Ways To Make Money Online

1. Write And Sell EBooks

Write and sell ebooks online and make cool cash. While there are many ebooks online, people are always in need of books that teaches specialize and technical issues. That is your opportunity. You can sell your ebooks through Amazon’s Kindle program or Apple’s iTunes Connect, which gives you access to a large majority of the digital-book reading market and the barriers for entry are incredibly low.

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2. Create A Blog

Blogging is a very popular way of making money online. The good news is that everyone can blog. Blogging is fun if you are committed. Every one of us is familiar with the name Linda Ikeji, the Nigerian blogging queen. While blogging deals with writing good contents, you must be dedicated, committed and persistent to earn through blogging. Although it takes time to build, blogging is a sure way of earning online.

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3. Develop Apps

App development is one of the top guaranteed ways of making money online. The market for different apps is on the increase daily. While it takes some technical training for you to learn app development. However, if you have the aptitude and training, you can develop apps and put them up for sell. Interestingly, virtually every business develops apps. Churches, banks, schools, organisations, individuals etc have their apps. This is a veritable way of making money online. Income can be generated by charging for the app, displaying in-app ads, or charging for in-app features and upgrades.

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4. Take Online Surveys

There are many websites that are willing to pay you for your opinion. Yes!!! Take note, these websites won’t make you a millionaire, but they can give you some cash. Taking surveys for different websites can help you a long way. Some of the websites that can pay you for online surveys are, Swagbucks, GlobalTestMarket, InboxDollars etc.

5. Freelance Writing

Your passion for writing can pay you some bucks. Ow, yes! There are many websites out there that can pay you some serious cash for you to write. Most of these sites are for aspiring writers while others are for expert writers.

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