Top 10 Proven Strategies To Increase Twitter Followers Organically From 0-10k Followers

If you have ever wanted to be considered an influencer on the social media platforms, then, you must understand that followers are one of the best way to achieve that. There are many reasons why people get on Twitter and other social media platforms. Some of them include brand awareness, gain authority figure, generate site traffic and also to increase sales among other objectives. One of the ways to do that is to increase Twitter followers organically.

The Keyword here is “Organically”. That is to say, you must learn how to increase Twitter followers without adverts and paid influencing. Of course, that is very possible. You can learn how to do that. Why? Gaining real and genuine Twitter followers enables you to become an influencer in your niche, build relationships and drive website traffic and sales on demand.

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As you already know, your Twitter followers are the platforms equivalent of “Facebook Fans” and “YouTube Subscribers”. Without them, whether you are a personal or business brand, you won’t be going anywhere. So, we will show the proven strategies to get more Twitter followers for free. Are you ready?

How To Increase Twitter Followers Organically

Before we show you these strategies, we want to point out something. WHY would this work? The strategies you need to increase Twitter Followers organically have been tested and proven. The simple thing you will need to do is to look at what other people with over 10k followers are doing and see the order behind the madness.

So, if you really want to get more Twitter followers, these top 10 strategies were made with you in mind.

1. Create Quality Contents

You must have heard this said times without number, CONTENT is KING. If you want to play big, then giving out valuable content is the bae. Listen, no one will follow you when you don’t give unique value. Ensure you always dish out value to your few followers. When they value they contents, they will likely share and that gets you more followers.

2. Optimize Your Profile

All Twitter accounts are created equal. There’s no difference between personal or professional account in terms extra features or functionality like on Facebook. Therefore, if you are the driving force of your business, you can use your personal profile. This makes it easier to promote your business in a human and approachable way without having to manage two accounts.

Twitter bio is important is more than just giving you a beautiful face and biodata. When a soon-to-be follower checks on your Twitter bio, they will have a glimpse of what you are all about; your expertise, knowledge and ultimately, the real person behind the avatar.

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3. Promote Your Twitter Handle

I didn’t say “PAY”. To promote your Twitter handle, there are many ways you can use without stressing yourself. You can use the following ways to promote your handle and get more followers.

  1. Add your twitter link to your social media profiles. Your audience there can see and follow you.
  2. Add a link to your home page and individual posts.
  3. Add a Follow Button to Your Website. Include in posts and on your “about” and “contact us” pages. Generate code at twitter>settings>widgets and paste into site.
  4. Add a Twitter Widget. Show your latest tweets in your Website sidebar.
  5. Cross-Pollinate Social Media Accounts. Ask existing email subscribers, Facebook fans, YouTube subscribers etc. to follow you on Twitter. Use the Twitter Tab for Pages App to share tweets automatically on Facebook.

4. Use Hashtags

Add hashtags (keywords) in the copy of your tweets to increase the discoverability. Find trending hashtags on the left hand side of your computer Twitter feed. Use a maximum of two hashtags per tweet. Hashtags are a useful way to get your tweet out to people who are actually interested in its main subject, but too many hashtags in a single post can be overwhelming.

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5. Retweet Influencers

One way to get influencers to notice you is by retweeting the. But, how does this help you grow followers? When you retweet followers and share how much their tweets or posts have helped you develop or achieve anything, chances are that they will retweet that to share your testimony. By so doing, they promote you below their teeming followers.


To get more or Increase Twitter Followers Organically takes time. Implementing these strategies will take time to yield results. Keep doing these and within few weeks, you will start experiencing remarking results.

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