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Top 5 Relationship Busters | How To Enjoy Your Relationship

Every relationship is like a coin: they are two-faced. Today the love flows like the biblical dew of Hermon and tomorrow it is as bitter as the word “Bitter”. People face many challenges that tend to bust the bubble of romantic bliss. If you wish to enjoy and not endure your relationship, you must know what constitute Relationship Busters and overcome them to enjoy your relationship.

relationship2In this Top 5 Relationship Busters, we will take you through the major factors that tend to bring major problems in relationship. Although it must be admitted that different relationships have different problems, it must be noted that these Top 5 Relationship Busters have been found to be the major distressing factors affecting relationships. Read on.

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Top 5 Relationship Busters

  1. Lack of communication

relationship4In relationships, everything rises and falls on communication. Partners express their love for one another, convey their feeling, settle misunderstandings and also express themselves through communication. Relationships suffer when there is little or no communication between partners. Insufficient communication stifles relationships. Couples must ensure they communicate as often as possible. This draws them closer to their partners. It makes each person know what the other is passing through and it is also a way of expressing your love and concern for the other person.

  1. Over-dependence

overdependenceOver depending on your partner is a sure relationship buster. Depending on one’s partner for virtually everything stifles love. One partner would always want to help, but they do not necessarily want to be depended on for everything. People who depend on their partners financially, psychologically, socially, physically, emotionally etc are often vulnerable to abuse and loss of respect. Once these occur, the relationship is headed to the rocks.

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  1. Lack of Respect

respectNobody wishes to be abused or disrespected. Relationships in which either or both partners lack respect for each other, it rarely lasts for so long. Lack of respect breeds emotional hurts, pains, disappointment, low self esteem, blow on confidence etc. Accordingly, partners must have the habit of respect: respect for the other’s time, rules, likes and dislikes, choices and decisions etc. In the absence of this, relationships falter a lot.

  1. Lack of Trust

Top 5 Relationship Busters | How To Enjoy Your Relationship 1Nothing destroys a relationship like lack of trust. When trust is lacking, every other thing struggles to take hold. When there is lack of trust, there is always this feeling of frustration between the couple. Innocent and harmless actions are easily misunderstood. Unnecessary meanings are read into harmless actions. Lack of trust simply destroys relationships. Whatever you don’t trust your partner for, talk it over with him/her rather than arriving at hasty conclusions.

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  1. Lack of Commitment

relationship1Relationships are very demanding. It costs time, energy, commitment, emotions, finance etc. Importantly, it is safe to say that anyone who lacks commitment to his/her relationship is simply saying “I don’t give a dime to whatever happens in this relationship”. Partners can show a higher level of commitment to the relationship to avoid a situation where one partner who commits more feels used and abused, it is necessary for partners to be committed to their relationships.

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