Social Media Mistakes

Top 5 Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid In 2019

Having a well-crafted and implemented social media strategy is very important. It could be the difference between influence and sales online. However, we have found out that many businesses and individuals make a lot of social media mistakes that should be avoided. It is even worse that many of them do this without even knowing how it hurts them.

Having a very active social media presence is hard work. But, it is worth it. However, what isn’t worth it is for you to undo all your good works, or to undermine your hard work and efforts. This is why we want to show you these social media marketing mistakes you MUST avoid if you truly want to grow influence and increase sales using social media.

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These mistakes arise because there are lots of expectations placed on businesses and brands by customers online. So, it is no longer enough to just publish contents and go to bed. If this happens, you will lose your customers to your competitors and you will be out of business. So, what can we do to avoid these social media mistakes and loopholes? Let’s identify them and see how to solve them. Shall we?

Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid

Below are the top 10 social media marketing mistakes to avoid if you are serious about dominating social media.

1. Focus On Yourself/Business

Many brands and businesses make this mistake on social media. They focus only on posting about them, their business, success and whatever concerns them. When you do this, you are telling your audience that you don’t care about them. If you do not, why then should they follow and engage you? Your audience needs to know that you care for them and this should reflect in your overall strategy.

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2. Being Too “Salesy”

You see, even though you want to make more sales on social media, being too “salesy” won’t help you. What does this mean? If you constantly advertise your goods and products 24/7 without adding value to your customer, you won’t get them. Why? Nobody really wants to be sold to. Before people buy from you, they need to see you care. Too much service/product promotion over relationship building is a huge social media mistakes businesses must avoid.

3. Not Engaging With Your Customer/Audience

This is one of the fastest killer social media marketing mistakes businesses make which you must avoid. When people engage with your business on social media, then, you owe them that responsibility of engaging them. Reply to their questions. Solve the queries. Respond to the challenges. That is what it takes to build relationship.

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4. Deleting Or Ignoring Negative Feedbacks

Negative feedbacks are what you cannot do without. People are different, so are your customers. When you have negative feedback on your social media posts, it is important not to delete them. Face them. Use courteous approach and address the needs of the offended customer. Deleting them will only aggravate the matter because others must have seen the post. Use this situation as a means to promote your business by attending to the complains of the customer, no matter how negative it appears.

5. Poor Customer Service/Late Response

Consumers appreciate the immediacy of social media engagement. The ability to bypass a phone tree or avoid speaking with a representative is why most will first post their concerns or questions online. Take too long to answer, offer unhelpful information or ignore altogether, and consumers will quickly find another brand.

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Social media can make or mar you. However, you have a huge role to play in determining the outcome you get. This is why you must do your best to eliminate these Social Media Mistakes so you can excel.

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