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Top 5 Strategic Way To Market/Advertise Your Business

It is one thing to own a business, it is another thing to create awareness of the business. A lot of people suffer in business because people who need their business are not even aware of what they offer. Don’t assume that opening a shop means everyone knows what you are offering. No. You must make efforts to ensure your business is known. Which is why we have brought to you the Top 5 Strategic Way To Market/Advertise Your Business.

The tips contained in this Top 5 Strategic Way To Market/Advertise Your Business are very simple but strategic. If you employ them, your business will take a new flight.

Top 5 Strategic Way To Market/Advertise Your Business

  1. Social Media Adverts/Marketing

The social media is one of the very easiest, fastest and cheapest way for advertising businesses. People who have known the value and importance spend lots of resources to carry out adverts on their social media platforms. It could be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. You can do that on your own personal media account or you can create brand pages for your business.

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  1. Design and distribute your complementary cards

They say a short pencil is better than a good memory. Help people to remember you more by giving them your cards. This serves as a reminder to them of your business.

  1. Do a good pre-launch campaign

One way of creating awareness of and marketing your business is through pre-launch promos and campaigns. People who sell products can launch a buy 2 get 1 free style of promo. On the social media, you see people who wants to launch a book and make an offer of pre-ordering the book for a cheaper price. They could say, book so-so-so book now for 30% less the original offer of so-so-so amount. Whatever you choose to do, be creative and enticing.

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  1. Use Flex Banners & Sign Posts

Although lots of people use the media today, there are still others who do not use the media or use it often. The Flex banner could be mounted at street corners near your business office or shop so people who leave around can be aware of your presence within the vicinity.

  1. Use Mouth-To-Mouth Adverts

Irrespective of how well people have adapted to social media and online adverts, mouth to mouth advert still remains a very effective marketing tips. Most people will not buy from you unless they establish relationship with you. More than the business, they need someone they can relate with and explain their challenges. This ensures they trust you before buying into your business.


No matter how well you use these tips, nothing can replace the testimony of your customers. When your customers testify of your business/services, you will likely retain them will building a new customer base through their referral.

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However, to do that, you must offer good value consistently and also ensure your integrity remains. If you reduce your value and quality, you will lose them and you will always remain in seeking new customers.


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