Top 5 Tourist Attraction Centres In the World

Thinking of where to visit and spend time with your loved ones and families? Welcome. There are many tourist centres you can visit in the world. Most of these tourist centres are historical, traditional, militarily and even religious. Whatever the form, there are many top centres you need to visit around the globe. Below are the lists of the 5 Top Tourist Attraction Centres in the world.

Top 5 Tourist Attraction Centres In the World

   1.  Eiffel Tower


The Eiffel Tower is a historical tourist attraction center and is located in Paris, France. It was constructed as an entrance to the World’s Fair hosted in 1889 to commemorate the 100year anniversary of the French Revolution. It was constructed by and named after Engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. The Eiffel Tower is very significant in today’s world. It has many things to offer tourists, historians and everybody. It is assumed to attract greater number of visitors than any other tourist centre in the world. For more detail

    2.  Great Wall of China


The Great Wall of China is simply, an architectural wonder. Located in China, it is the very longest wall in the whole world. Despite being so very grand in design and appealing in sight, the Great Wall was built initially as a defence to protect China from the invasion of nomads into the city. This Wall is a great cite and a wondrous site to behold. Its architectural magnificence is second to none. You just have to visit this architectural wonder!!!

    3.  Sainte Chappelle


The Sainte Chappelle is another tourist wonder in the world. It is located in Paris, France. Translated in English, it means, “Holy Chapel”. It was constructed to be used as a means in elevating the status of France through its appeal, splendour and glory.  It was commissioned by King Louis IX of France. For more details visit:


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     4.  St. Peter’s Basilica


St Peter’s Basilica also known as the Papal Basilica of St. Peter is located in the Vatican City, Italy. The Basilica is known as a very significant religious ground because it is assumed to house the burial tomb of St. Peter, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ and also the tomb of the first Catholic Pope. It is a pilgrimage site and also one of the very largest church in the world.

      5.  The Terracotta Army


Can you by digging a well, dig out an army? Unbelievable, you may say. Right? Well, consider this: the Terracotta Army, one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world, was discovered when a group of men were digging up a well outside the city of Xi’an, China, in 1974.They are life size terracotta figures of warriors and horses arranged in battle formations. It is simply a site you cannot afford to miss when you visit China. Dust up your visa.

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