Top 6 Things That Shorten Your PC Lifestyle & How To Prevent Them

Many people complain that their Personal Computer (PC) does not last long. It is either the PC develops a mechanical fault or even physical fault. Funnily, most of these faults are carelessly done. One way or the other, most of these things can be prevented. As you read these Top 6 Things That Shorten Your PC Lifestyle & How To Prevent Them, you will be well placed to prevent such challenges.

You must note that your PC is not self-protecting. Your PC cannot take care of itself. It needs you just as you need it. There, these Top 6 Things That Shorten Your PC Lifestyle & How To Prevent Them is for you. It will point out things you may not even be aware damages your PC. You have the choice to prevent them or ignore them. I know the choice you will make.

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Top 6 Things That Shorten Your PC Lifestyle & How To Prevent Them

Below are some of the things that shorten you PC’s lifespan. They include:

  1. Dust

Dust is the number 1 enemy of PCs. When your PC accumulates too much dust, it affects the functionality of the PC. Dust makes it prone to overheating as it can block the ventilation. As prevention, ensure you always clean your PC whenever it is dusty. Furthermore, do not expose your PC to dust-infested areas.

  1. Power Fluctuation

Power fluctuations and surges also damage your PCs. The power surge could come as a result of lightning strikes or sudden restoration of power. This places your PC motherboard in danger. It could even burst your PC and its charger. Other times, when the light is too low, it could hamper the safety of the system. Also, most people have also complained of their PC being damaged as a result of using generators. Advisedly, ensure you use a stabilizer. You should also ensure to unplug your PC whenever the light goes off.

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  1. Lack Of Anti-Virus & Firewall

Your PC should have an anti-virus installed in it. This helps to prevent your computer from slowing down, faster battery consumption and total loss of data. Ensure you have an anti-virus in your system. Equally important, ensure your PC firewall is off to prevent an unwanted attacks on the system.

  1. Poor Charging Habit

Most users allow their PC to run down before they charge it. This is simply unacceptable. Constantly allowing your system to go down before charging it kills the battery as well as the PC. Therefore, always charge your system before the battery empties entirely.

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  1. Carelessness

Most times, our systems are damaged as a result of carelessness. The carelessness can include allowing too much dust on your system, keeping your system near water sources, stepping on your system and even allowing your PC fall of your hand. All these can damage your PC lifespan. The cure for carelessness is simply Carefulness.

  1. Use Of Outdated Software

Your PC software can expire. When they expire, you are expected to update them. Running outdated software on your computer will automatically make it slower. This can damage your PC. Therefore, to make it faster, always keep software updated.

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If you follow the lessons in this Top 6 Things That Shorten Your PC Lifestyle & How To Prevent Them, you will enjoy your PC. Let’s hear your comments and contributions. Please also share this.

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