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Top 6 Tips On Writing Quality A Resumé – Resumé Writing Tips

The place and importance of resumé in gaining employment cannot be overstated. Resumé occupies a central position in the job recruitment industry. Therefore, it is very important for job applicants to be well versed in resumé writing. In this piece, we would give you the top 6 tips on writing quality a resumé. We believe these tips will ensure your resume covers what it should cover.

Resumé, in simple terms, contains a summary of job relevant skills and qualifications of an applicant. It is a very important tool in your search for that dream job and it must stand out among thousands of resumes that HR personnel receive daily from prospective applicants. Your resume is what represents you when you apply for a job and I am certain you have probably been sending quite a number of resumes without a positive response and that is why you are reading this. Given this background, let us look at the top 6 tips on writing quality a resumé.

Top 6 Tips On Writing Quality A Resumé

The tips below will guide you into writing very quality resumé that guarantees employability. The tips include the below.

  • Tip 1: Never let your resume exceed two pages except you are a professional or submitting a proposal that requires all your past projects and achievements in detail. If you are applying as a graduate trainee or someone with very few years of experience, it is advisable that you stick to the two page rule. Make it simple, short and point out needed details.
  • Tip 2: Do not use funny fonts. Your resume must look professional and tidy. It is advisable to use Times New Roman or Calibri.
  • Tip 3: Organize your details in a clear and concise manner. There is no almighty formula how a resume should look but check every detail to the letter and ensure that they are clean, clear and concise.

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  • Tip 4: Let your resume include what you are being asked for in the job vacancy. You might have seen some vacancies requesting for your current salary, age or job title on your resume. It is important that you tailor it to serve that purpose. However, there are important things that cannot be overlooked such as your objective, your professional qualifications, your skills, your educational background, experience, contact information
  • Tip 5: Do not copy objectives. Objectives are meant to be personal. Objectives are what you aim to achieve by working in a company or a general principle that guides your work ethics. So, create your own objectives. However, be wise to tailor each objective to suit the particular job you are applying for
  • Tip 6: Be sure to have the skills and qualification you stated in your resume. We all know what outcome that we can experience if we lie on our resumes.

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Follow these top 6 Tips On Writing Quality A Resumé and you will be glad you did. Thank you for sharing this.


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