Top 7 Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Must Avoid

Top 7 Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Must AvoidEvery single day, new bloggers emerge. And with almost the same frequency, we have new and old bloggers making repeated mistakes. These mistakes are however, very inimical to the blogger as much as Google SEO ranking is concerned. It is therefore very crucial that we consider the Top 7 Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Must Avoid. The aim is to show you how you make your blog welcoming and accepted, not only to your site visitors but also to the Google search engine.

Before we go further, be willing to unlearn and re-learn any of these top 7 common SEO mistakes bloggers must avoid. It is basically for your own good. Following the recommendations here will ensure your blog maintains a very high ranking in 2017 and beyond. The choice is yours. Let us consider these top 7 common SEO mistakes bloggers must avoid.

Top 7 Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Must Avoid

1. Not Having Page Title Tags, Meta Description and Keywords

Top 7 Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Must AvoidI have come across blogs that lumped 3-5 different articles in one title page. No, no, no. You are very wrong. Each article should have different page title tags. The page titles must and should be in line with the content. Let people know what they would see. Concerning meta descriptions, they are the advert to your articles. It must be persuasive, compelling and brief. It must also contain the focus keywords. Without a focus keyword, your blog will not rank. So, work on your page title, meta description and focus keyword as the number of the top 7 common SEO mistakes bloggers must avoid.

2. Not Having Internal Linking

Top 7 Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Must AvoidAnother of the Top 7 common SEO mistakes bloggers must avoid is the issue of internal linking. Without internal linking, you are saying “I have nothing to offer”. Most times, you visit a blog looking for certain information, you surprisingly find yourself spending hours navigating through the blog. Why? Internal linking!!!  Internal links keeps your visitors in your blog. The tip is to link related posts in your blog. For example, if you are a beginner blog, you must be interested in knowing the top SEO tips for beginners.

3. Not Using Anchor Text For Internal Linking

Top 7 Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Must AvoidHave you ever seen a blog that reads, “For more information click here”? Sure, you must have seen that. However, that is poor use of internal linking. Internal linking adds beauty to your work and also increases your ranking. However, it must be creatively used. Quit from the “Click here” squad. Try as much as possible to use the keywords of the post you are linking, or you use words, phrases, clauses or sentence that explains what you are linking to. For instance, you can learn how to obtain a verified twitter account without having to see “click here” for so-so-so information. You catch it? Just be creative!

4. Creating Poor Contents

Top 7 Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Must AvoidIt is suicidal for a blogger to undermine the importance of quality contents. Basically, bloggers must be focused on creating quality contents. In essence, quality should trump quantity. Quantity can get you visitors, but quality keeps them. Imagine how you feel if you keep getting poor contents from sites you visit daily. Obviously, you won’t visit the site for important information. To build quality contents, focus on originality and give accurate information. Be insightful, analytical and unbiased.

5. Copy Pasting Works

Top 7 Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Must AvoidAny blogger who deals in “copy-pasting” other blogs’ posts shoots himself on the foot. We all love to see new information and well researched updates. The moment your visitors finds out you are professional “Copy and paste blogger”, you are gone. They look for originality. Moreover, Google also helps keep you where you rightly belong. You want to rank high? Be original; be creative!

6. Poor Use Of Keywords

Top 7 Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Must AvoidMost bloggers are guilty of wrongful use of the Keywords. By now, we assume you know what a “Keyword” means in blogging. The wrongful use of “keywords” is still the same as not using keywords. Bloggers must avoid the temptation of using broad focus keywords. Broad keywords are so vast such that it may be counter-productive. It is best to streamline your keywords. Be as specific as possible. Furthermore, bloggers must avoid global keywords for local contents and vice versa.

7. Lack Of Social Activities

Top 7 Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Must AvoidThis is the 7th mistake of our top 7 common mistakes bloggers must avoid. You must advertise your blog and your post. Traffic does not drive itself. Be active and visible on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

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Evaluate yourself and see any of the Top 7 common mistakes bloggers must avoid you are guilty of. We would be here to take you through this and any other blogging-related challenge you are having. And please, do not forget to share this. Thank you.

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