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Top 7 Telegram Features You Will Not Find On WhatsApp

To many persons, WhatsApp is the best social messaging app platform. Truly, WhatsApp has exceptional features that makes users very comfortable as well as enjoying. So, to this group of people, they wouldn’t be wrong. However, there are many Top 7 Telegram Features You Will Not Find On WhatsApp. Yes, you read that.

You see, inasmuch as WhatsApp is enjoyed by many across the globe, there are many functions you have on Telegram messaging platform you won’t see in them. This gives a whole lot of advantage to Telegram users. So, since you are reading, you really want to know the Top 7 Telegram Features You Will Not Find On WhatsApp. We won’t deny you that.

Top 7 Telegram Features You Will Not Find On WhatsApp

Here are some of the features that separate WhatsApp from Telegram.

1.      Self-Destruct Capacity: Telegram’s messages come with end-to-end encryption. That is to say, it doesn’t enter into any server. So, you can decide to s by any amount of time you want it to.

2.      Screenshot function: Telegram can tell who has screenshot your chats. This helps you know who to share your secrets and private chats with. This will also enable you to know what action to take if one screenshots your chats without your permission.

3.      Chat Locks: This is one great feature for privacy and security purposes. Telegram allows you to lock your chats with some persons or all for any given time you want to. To do so, go to Options, then Privacy and Security and Password Lock. Using the padlock icon in the top-right of the screen, you can block certain chats permanently or for a certain amount of time.

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4.      Send Large Files: Telegram can allow you send files that are upto 1.5GB in size while WhatsApp allows a maximum of 15mb.

5.      Send All Types of files: While WhatsApp only allows you to send images in JPG format, Telegrams lets its users send PDF files, Word files, spreadsheets and Photoshop images.

6.      Create Username: If you don’t want to share your phone number to talk to someone, no problem. You can choose a username, and through that anyone can add you to their contacts.

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7.      Edit Last Seen: in Telegram, you can edit your last seen time. You can choose who sees your “Last Seen”. To do this, go to Options > Privacy and Security > Last Seen and adjust the “Add exceptions” option accordingly.

Here you are! We’ve shown you the Top 7 Telegram Features You Will Not Find On WhatsApp. What do you say? Did we omit any very important feature? Please share with us below.


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