Top 7 Ways To Avoid Job Scams – Job Recruitment Safety TipsTop 7 Ways To Avoid Job Scams – Job Recruitment Safety Tips

We have heard countless times people complain and wail of having been scammed. The truth is that, we have many job scammers roaming round every streets these days. And unfortunately, they have learnt how to appear decent and unsuspecting. Regardless, these Top 7 Ways To Avoid Job Scams will be a very helpful guide for you if you follow them.

Job seekers are usually desperate. So, the market is already ripe for scammers who come with many promises too good to be true and unfortunately, people still fall for them. These Top 7 Ways To Avoid Job Scams is a prevention for you. It guides you against the predators and ensure you do not fall victims of what could have been easily avoidable. So, here we go for you and with you.

Top 7 Ways To Avoid Job Scams Easily

The following tips should guide you through

1.Spot imposters. Scammers often pretend to be someone you trust, like a government official, a family member, a charity, or a company you do business with. Don’t send money or give out personal information in response to an unexpected request — whether it comes as a text, a phone call, or an email.

2. Do online searches. Type a company or product name into your favorite search engine with words like “review,” “complaint” or “scam.” Or search for a phrase that describes your situation, like “IRS call.” You can even search for phone numbers to see if other people have reported them as scams.

3. Don’t believe your caller ID. Technology makes it easy for scammers to fake caller ID information, so the name and number you see aren’t always real. If someone calls asking for money or personal information, hang up. If you think the caller might be telling the truth, call back to a number you know is genuine.

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4. Talk to someone: Do not make the mistake of keeping silent on your movements. When you receive some calls or texts about certain jobs you didn’t apply for, please talk to someone. Seek advice and don’t blindly go to any place you don’t know for job.

5. Make Your Research: most times, you receive a text or call asking you to come to a certain place for job interviews. Friend, make your research. If you are called outside of your city or residence, make inquiries to know if such place exists. If yes, how safe is the area. Ask relevant questions and get relevant answers before you proceed.

6. Money Request, Red Card: Anyone who asks you to pay a certain amount of money for any job is most likely a scammer. No firm or company asks you for payment before you apply for jobs. Each firm or recruiting agencies make budgets of their recruiting expenditures. So don’t fall a victim.

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7. Avoid Giving Confidential Information: Beware of anyone who seeks to know certain confidential information about you. Anytime you feel too uncomfortable with some of the questions, it is likely you are about to be scammed. Don’t supply bank details or your online PINs & password and other relevant information.

This Top 7 Ways To Avoid Job Scams is not final. There could be other tips that can help you. However, we believe these will help you a great deal. Please share with others if it helped you. Thank you.

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