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Top 8 Suit Rules For Men | Keys To Perfect Appearance

The saying that says “Dress how you want to be addressed” is very correct. The way people dress goes a long way to influence how they are addressed. For men, dressing in suits gives a huge respect and regard. It is however one thing to dress on suit, but another thing to dress properly. I am going to give you Top 8 Suit Rules For Men that would improve your dressing and appearance.

Whether you are still a novice in suit wearing or a professional, you need these Top 8 Suit Rules For Men. When you have these rules at the tips of your finger, you are on your way to attracting the recognition your appearance deserves. Simply put, if you are going to wear a suit, you have to wear it the best way.

Top 8 Suit Rules For Men

  1. Your First Suit Must Not Be A Black Suit

suitcolour Suit Rules For MenFor the starters, your first suit must not be a black suit. The first color of suit to have in your wardrobe has to be either a charcoal grey or navy blue suit. Going for black suit should fall within the range of 3rd or 4th suit color.

  1. When you sit down, unbutton your suit

suitunbutton Suit Rules For MenTo avoid messing up your suit and appearance, simply unbutton your suit while sitting. Button up when you are standing.

  1. Choose double vents over single Vent

suitvent Suit Rules For MenThe reason is quite simple, double vents at the back of your suit is more modern and more fashionable than single vents.

  1. Dark colored pocket square should go with light-colored suits

suitpocket Suit Rules For MenWhen you wear light-colored suits, adorn it with dark-colored pocket square. Reverse the trend in dark-colored suits.

  1. Do not wear sports watch on a suit

suitwatch Suit Rules For MenIf you put on sports watch on your suit, what watch would your wear while on sports wear?

  1. Your belt and shoe colors must be the same

suitbelts Suit Rules For MenThere is no negotiating this. It is a MUST. Your shoe and belt color must be one and the same.

  1. Know Your Button rules

suitbutton Suit Rules For MenSingle button suits must be buttoned. When you wear 2-button suits, button the first upper button. In 3-button suit, button the middle one.

  1. Concerning socks…

Suit Rules For MenYour socks should be long enough to cover your legs when you sit down. No part of your leg should be seen but rather your socks.

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