Top Accredited Business Schools in Nigeria

Top Accredited Business Schools in Nigeria

There are a whole lot of universities offering Business studies as well as business management. However, what obtains in the universities are most introductory parts of business.  The business schools offer you a pathway into professional business studies and management. You are taught a whole lot of things you won’t get in the universities and other tertiary institutions. That’s why we have brought to you the Top Accredited Business Schools in Nigeria.

So, are you looking towards achieving a professional excellence in business? Then you have the Top Accredited Business Schools in Nigeria to choose from. Business Schools are of great importance nowadays especially in the line of Business which is what most Nigerian Graduates are going into after graduation. Let’s look at the best of the rest.

Top Accredited Business Schools in Nigeria

Lagos Business School

The Lagos Business School is the oldest unit of Pan-Atlantic University. It shares a campus with the Enterprise Development Centre of the University in Ajah, Lagos. The School offers several MBA programmes and also provides experienced professional managers with high quality general management education relevant to the Nigerian business environment. LBS offers a wide spectrum of open-enrolment seminars on essential issues in business for business leaders and managers. Customised in-company seminars are also arranged for companies who need to train large groups of staff in a particular area.

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Executive Business School

The Executive Business School (EBS), based in Lagos, Nigeria, was incorporated in 2006 and commenced operation in 2007, in order to capitalise on a large, growing demand for academic programmes leading to British awards. EBS was formed, among other reasons, as a direct response to the need and desire to realise the potential of professional skills and learning in Nigeria. Our focus is in providing opportunities for those skills to be developed and recognised through the pursuit of quality undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

West African business School

The West Africa Business School (WABS) was established in response to the need for a high quality professional development, corporate training and executive education institute to address the needs of working professionals who have the desire to continue professional and academic training while remaining in the workforce. Today, West Africa Business School (WABS) has become a house-hold name and a global brand, well known in Africa for delivery of world-class Corporate Training, Government Human Capital Development, Professional Education, Executive Education, Business Intelligence, Consulting and Research Services.

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African Business School

The African Business School has affiliation with international universities. The Business School was established in 2000 and is located in Gwarimpa Region of Abuja. Africa Business School (ABS) addresses the most pressing challenges facing Africa and the world by partnering with industry to translate ideas into practice, and by educating the next generation of culturally-aware and socially-responsible critical thinkers, problem-solvers, skilled entrepreneurs and global leaders.

Delta School of Business And Technology

Delta School of Business & Technology (Delta Tech) was established in 1970 and has a long history that demonstrates our dedication to the community and area employers. Training is our passion and it shows. We’ve trained countless members of business and industry throughout Southwest Louisiana and take great pride in seeing our graduates succeed by making our community stronger.

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If you are interested in making further progress in your chosen career, then applying to any of these Top Accredited Business Schools in Nigeria is the best way to go.


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